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Prefacing our remarks on this Rogation Vigil of the Ascension on the Pope’s latest tirade , his political leftist work, and his increasing heterodox attacks against tradition we would remind our faithful family friends that it not for any malice or hatred of the person of the Pope but for love of the Truth and the Holy Catholic Faith . The same love a son would have looking for any means of gaining the consensus needed for a correction of a wayward Father

It is for obedience to the “eternal magisterium” of the Church and the eternal Rome that faithful Catholics are called to this resistance , for a restoration movement in keeping with the way “ it is meant to be conducted and has been conducted in multiple centuries. Never has the crisis reached this proportion. The Church in its mere human component , can commit errors and these errors , these sufferings , according to Leo XIII , can be caused by here sons and even the highest levels of her ministers. This takes nothing away from the grandeur and indefectibility of the Mystical Body of Christ. It in no way implies an impeccability of its pastors nor its Supreme Pastors .

Professor Roberto de Mattei reminds us , in his book ‘Apologia For Tradition’  that in the 60 years between the Council of Nicea and Constantinople , the living magisterium of the Church stopped reaffirming Catholic truth clearly,  bringing the Church itself and not just the hierarchy to the brink of heresy in the Arian crisis

Yet the people showed an attachment to the orthodox faith that was purer than that of their own pastors and hierarchy and it was through the sensus fidelium of the  lay faithful by majority through these years  that the Church was preserved . St Hilary of Portiers said that in these years The faithful ears of the people were holier that the lips of the Priests This quote on others like it can be found in his Contra Arianos . We must study Catholic history , theology , and philosophy together in prayer in order to successfully make it through this era which may potentially descend into a full raging Chastisement

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Herein Pope Francis summarizes the heresy of Vatican II most eloquently

He says Verbatim to close to 1000 members of a Committee of Superiors of Women’s Religious Orders

“ We cannot change Revelation. It’s true the Revelation develops. The word is “development” — it develops with time. And we with time understand the faith better and better. The way to understand the faith today, after Vatican II, is different than the way of understanding the faith before Vatican II. Why? Because there is a development of knowledge. You are right. And this isn’t something new, because the very nature — the very nature — of Revelation is in continual movement to clarify itself.”

Just so you know that statement is not merely a sophism , it is a formal and material heresy that violates infallible Catholicism and sums up their method for propagating ALL their errors

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