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Three characteristics mark Modernist architecture’s Long March into the Gnostic demimonde. First, it must be First, it must be nondidactic  the new art must always appear obscure, ambiguous, and undefined ; eschewing any elements of classic Catholic truths or piety;

Secondly, it had to be nontraditional: it could never be any periods of former Church history, on the unspoken assumption that 1965 was to be the new year of a refashioned Church, Finally and most crucially it must be non-Roman all

art (statues, chalices, vestments) must never convey a formality or splendor of the Church’s self-understanding as the true Church but rather appear indigenous and ardently preliterate. An occasional Byzantine icon would be tolerated only because at least it was non-Roman

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Whither Our Catholic Churches Fr J Perricone -TLM 2019 Winter Spring –

Viva La Counterrevolution! – By Frank S. Farello, M.A., M.I. (Militia Immaculata) On CMTV

A burgeoning movement against moral evil as the traditional apostolates and the youth converge to face the revolution

We find an in-depth analysis of the underpinnings of the collapse of the world moral order in Revolution and Counter-Revolution by the great Catholic thinker and influential author Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira. His treatise helps us understand that the 60s revolution was only a part of the third prong of a burgeoning move toward worldwide atheism that emerged from the decay of morality that began in the Middle Ages. 

The first prong to surface was what de Oliveira calls the “Pseudo-Reformation,” which implanted “the spirit of doubt, religious liberalism and ecclesiastical egalitarianism in the different sects it produced.”

The revolution emerging so long ago from the decay of morality in the Middle Ages has now overwhelmed every human institution in its path — even those in the Catholic Church. The future belongs to the young, and apparently, today’s youth are unwilling to accept a future which contains rampant atheism and the continued evils of unbridled debauchery

But just as de Oliveira predicted, a counterrevolution would someday arise that would not be “a mere recitation of the evil deeds of the revolution in the past, but an effort to bar its course in the present.”

Today, we see the beginnings of that counterrevolution in many young people, who have grown up with Kuhner’s laundry list of horrors as everyday occurrences in their young lives, whether actual personal experiences or part of the daily distorted programs used to “entertain” them.

These examples are part of a growing trend where the leaders of the counterrevolution are found among those most affected by the growing evils spreading across the earth: the young.


The Pro-life Battle In The International Revolution


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  • In-Vitro Jewelry: A Step beyond Horrendous by Marian T Horvat Consequence of Vatican IISome curious readers might be asking: What does this have to do with the progressivist Church?. After all, this column is supposed to provide orientation to understand the crisis in the Church. I do not believe that this kind of company could have existed before Vatican II and its disastrous consequences on the Church and society. As the Church embraced the modern world following the directives of Vatican II, the world’s errors and sins entered the Catholic home: revolt, immorality, contraception, and even in vitro f It should not be a surprise that outside the Catholic home even greater abominations should swell. Without the Catholic Church to wisely place brakes on what remained of Christian Civilization, Hell broke loose. Truly, this human embryo jewelry is a piece of Hell unloosed on earth. Man’s indifference to such an outrage is a call to Heaven for a chastisement.
  • https://www.traditioninaction.org/religious/m052_InVitro.htm

Islam and Immigration en masse and the new socialism

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Revolution and Counter-Revolution in the Tendencies, Ideas, and Facts – by A.S. Guimaraes based in Plinio Correa de Oliveira


Like the large and venomous snake above, the action of the secret forces is camouflaged everywhere in society. The naive don’t see the danger, and don’t believe in a conspiracy against Christendom.  National Geographic, August 2004

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