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The program will be held at St. Mary’s Oratory in Wausau, Wisconsin, a parish of the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest. The 19th-century church, renovated in the first years of the 21st century, is considered one of the most beautiful examples in North America of German High Gothic













Sacred Architecture and Sanctuaries – Challenged vs. Preserve

Sacred Tradition as seen on Gloria tv

  • Shepherd’s Fountain – This fountain stands near the Shepherds Chapel outside Bethlehem. It marks the field where shepherds were told by an angelic choir of Christ’s birth. Source: Lawrence OP on Flickr – On gloria.tv
  • https://gloria.tv/photo/aks9cwSUiCkj3tz968KhfMvuH




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When Fr. Giancarlo Gosmar, the parish priest, received complaints, he answered that he had seen nothing irreverent in that performance, although the dance is part of a pagan ritual and the dancers had their torso semi-naked.


Distancing oneself from the profane and returning to tradition in order to remain Catholic

Max Jacob, French Born Saintly Sinner – That Felt It Necessary To Leave Paris – On Crisis Magazine

After a few more years of struggle in Montmartre, Jacob realized that his life as a Christian would be impossible as long as he lived in Paris. In 1921, he left the capital for the small village of Saint-Benoît-sur-Loire, spending almost all his remaining days in proximity to the Abbaye Fleury in prayer with the Benedictines. “This is the only place,” said Jacob, “where I can live without sinning seriously every day of my life.” His many friends in the worlds of art and literature would visit him there, where conversations that began on art, poetry, or cinema would always end on religion and in prayer


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A model 3rd Order Franciscan Who Used His Vast Wealth For Crusades , Construction Of Hospitals , Cathedrals , Churches , Schools , And The Glory Of God


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St. Louis IX of France Takes the Cross – Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites


Social Hierarchy Helps Us Love God -On  Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

Man is his expansiveness, whereby He wants what is convenient to Him, not just what is necessary. This abundance, this type of superfluity—[revolutionaries] today speak so much against the superfluous—all of Creation is God’s superfluity. Creation is this kind of superfluity made by God.


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Msgr. Enrico Dante, Papal MC -As posted by Eddie Toribio MC – Holy Innocents NYC

Every lover of the Roman Liturgy will at some point run across a video or a photo of the ceremonies at the Papal Court with Msgr. Dante as the main Papal Master of Ceremonies (MC).

Fifty-two years ago today (April 24, 1967), he passed to the next life. He was one of the greatest lovers, defenders, and promoters of the traditional and immemorial ceremonies of the Roman Church, which he piously and faithfully served for 51 years (from 1914 till his forced retirement in 1965). No one suffered more than he when Bugnini (with Paul VI’s approval) mutilated, limited, suppressed, and attempted to destroy the traditional ceremonies of the Roman Mass. During one of the Vatican sessions, he publicly demanded that the Liturgy had to remain “the sole prerogative of the Holy See,” but he was ignored and changes to the Liturgy were made without scruples and reverence.

He knew how to coordinate very complex and long ceremonies with impeccable precision and efficiency. He was a doctor in philosophy, theology, and civil and canon law. He was also an official member of the Sacred Apostolic Penitentiary.

His “career” as Master of Ceremonies began on March 25, 1914 when he was admitted as a member of the Academy for Pontifical (Papal) Ceremonies, and on October 26, 1923 he was nominated to the Sacred Congregation of Rites by Pope Pius XI, of which he became “substitute” in September of 1930. In 1943, he was made sub-secretary of the Sacred Congregation of the Papal Ceremonies as a Domestic Prelate.

During the years of the horrible changes to the traditional ceremonies of the Roman Rite, he was not consulted much and was actively sidestepped by Bugnini and company. He was eventually made a Cardinal in 1965 in order to get him out of the way as Papal MC because “he would not be able to cope with the changes.”

He was called “the director of God,” as he was the only one who whispered orders (in Latin) to the Supreme Pontiff (“stand up,” “sit down,” “genuflect,” “kneel,” “bless,” etc.). He served under 5 popes, took part in 5 conclaves and 5 coronations, about 100 beatifications, and about 50 canonizations.

Little known is the fact that after the election of Paul VI one of the “obediences” to the newly-elected Pope by the Cardinals was delayed by 30 minutes because the good Msgr. Dante had overslept, due to the fatigue after all the demanding work that went into the conclave.

For over 40 years he heard confessions at Sacro Cuore al Suffragio in Rome. He was also an avid sports fan (soccer, tennis, swimming, and mountain climbing), which motivated him to help found the Associazione Sportiva Roma.

With his removal as Papal MC and with his death, a whole genetic type of Papal M.C.s came to such a drastic and icon