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Many overlook the new Ratzinger doctrine that joins together the messianic peoples, present day Jewish and Catholic people uniting with atheists and communists as a new philosophical Catholic doctrine for continued implementation

The redux of the Arianism movement within the Catholic Church is real.

In its foundations they first had to overthrow extra ecclesiam nulla salus, “Outside the Church there is no salvation”  which is first redefined and anyone expressing the traditional Catholic interpretation is sanctioned.

Infallible Roman Catholic teaching is that the old covenant to the Jews was completely abrogated and they unfaithfully returned to paganism . The temple veil was rent in two and the temple was subsequently permanently destroyed . The new Jerusalem and the new  Priesthood is that of the Catholic Church , this is what the Roman Catholic Church teaches . Then the Ratzinger invention on the old Covenant, that it was never abrogated and the Jews are saved without conversion comes forth. This teaching was invented by Ratzinger and the Council fathers out of the cosmic Christ philosophies that emerged in the generation of academics immediately prior. It was then elaborated and re-articulated in many Vatican documents and forums by Pope John Paul II & Francis I.

But in a new Pope they then wanted no connection with a Pope (like JP-II) that was in a battle with Communism in his own lands but one who supports at least socialism and liberation theology as it relates to the Vatican II teachings & documents on the relationship between atheistic communistic peoples and the new messianic people theology . The progressivist notion of the broadening of the messianic peoples appears many places in the Council documents but never so clearly as Lumen Gentium 9b “ It says the Messianic people would be the seed of unity latent in all men “ So that this messianic people , although it does not actually look like a small flock, is nonetheless a lasting and sure seed of unity, hope, and salvation for the whole human race” Upon describing the ever widening concentric circles to be reached by ‘dialogue’ Guadium Et Spes explains the amplitude of the reality described above as ‘messianic peoples’ which would even include atheists and communists” 

GS continues with  “The desire for such dialogue, which can lead to truth through love alone, excludes no one”

Ratzinger, one of the main architects of this language and doctrine then went on after the Council , along with Chenu, de Lubac, Konig, Suenens, Camara, Tisserant, Congar, Rahner,  and the rest of the most dissident prelates in the history of the Church to explain “the new communion as ‘the fraternity of all Christians’ among themselves and all men.” In various excerpts, while then Cardinal Ratzinger he paid tribute to inter- confessionalism and religious indifferentism . He indicates a Messianic perspective of “communion “ among men linking it to the Sacrament of the Eucharist . In his other writings he goes on to discuss this linkage to the cosmic Christ theology of Pierre Tiehard Chardin. Ratzinger summarizes his writings and theology in “Ill concetto della Chiesa nel pensiero patristico “ , among other places.

The error therein is the confusing of the faithful which form the mystical body of Christ with the moral and supernatural presence that Christ has in the Church by means of grace as contrasted with his real and physical presence in the sacrament of the Eucharist . Accoding to catholic doctrine they are TWO distinct presences A. Guimaeraes gives a complete exposition on the purposeful conciliar confusion in his Animus Delendi II

This support towards the movement of secularizing the Church serves not just as the purpose of of challenging  two thousand year old doctrinal positions of the Church but continued to preach the necessity for sustaining “on-going” adaptions. One would ask to what end – It is you will find , over and over again,  a gnostic judaism school of arianism within Catholicism which is a quite a powerful movement and also using socialism/liberation theology within the new rite as a vehicle. The incubator of the Council was the Sorbonne who then used well-meaning people and institutions as its soldiers of implementation The conciliar Church harnessed revolutionary aims of the Sorbonne , using Liberation Theology, Basic Christian ‘Covenantal Communities, Neo-Catechumens, Pentecostal movements of underground Churches and other ancillary Catholic institutions. We could provide examples of the interconnected bridges that could be footnoted in the thousands that dovetail their direct and indirect support to same , that are astounding.

Many believed that on the surface Cardinal Ratzinger was against all this and provided opposition to Liberation theology . Nothing could be further from the truth on this assertion. While he had merely condemned “some” of the negative aspects of the Marxist elements of liberation theology , on a whole he gave his unanimous support to the fact that it was “the liberation theology doctrine “ which was an accepting promoter of the whole above mentioned program which in turn paved the way and the connection to arianism within the Church. We are indeed headed towards gnostic judasim in the new Catholicism , not merely a false ecumenism with it but an overt syncretism with it.

As Cardinal Ratzinger he presented the following encyclical of his complete support for Liberation Theology The heretical Vatican document can be found here on the Vatican website

Instruction on Christian Freedom and Liberation – By Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger


Any perceived tension or differences between his Papacy and Pope Francis , the latter Papacy which is merely the implementer of the conciliar Catholic revolution, is for show and smoke screen for the non-initiated & well-read who are not up on these topics

They both believe  Emmanuel Barber quote herein as  “ The new gnostic Catholic Church is broad and tolerant . It respects the customs and the laws of all peoples and allows admittance to all men – of all nationalities ,languages and races , born and educated in any religion”

It’s a very large network to which the both of them are just front men

Vatican Eager to Canonize Evita and Peronism – On The Eponymous Flower


Former Benedict XVI , the then Cardinal Ratzinger and former lead periti expert at Vatican II, calling into question the dogma of Christ as true God and true man and his heretical sympathizing with Arianism  ” Is it possible for God to be man ? A man completely human and at the same time true God, and hence entitled to demand Faith from all in all ages ? Or is this simply a case of overestimating a moment from the past ? Once again are we not encountering a mentality that we no longer share ? The Pauline interpretation of the Old Testament follows a method that we no longer accept as valid and consequently , for a philologist and historian , his interpretation is now almost wholly unacceptable .” These published statements from  Ratzinger in his Fe’ e Futoro were never retracted , to this very day.

All of these thesis were previously condemned by Traditional Catholicism . This new progressivism that came to a head and broke through into the Council was vociferously fought against by an entire line of preconciliar Popes in it’s pre-incarnation form , the Modernism of the post enlightenment era. The summary of their predecessors of the 18th and 19th century philosophers have much in common among each other and much in common among what was formally condemned by the Roman Catholic Church

It’s Arianism plain and simple , a reinventing into today’s rabiinal talmudic judaism which is a completely different religion from the Catholic old testament Judaism and making bridges into it that go beyond Christ

Pope Francis acceptingly receives a copy of ‘The Jewish Annotated New Testament’


“The theological significance of the dialogue between Jews and Christians” Should be called the theological heresy of the dialogue between Jews and Christians

Grace and Vocation without Remorse: Comments on the Treatise De Iudaeis | Articles | Communio


See Sandro Magister’s column for more on the evolving Catholic doctrine on the new judaism

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The many traditional Catholics that believe that Benedict XVI was the suppressed savior and Francis I some type of anti-Christ supporter is misled and does not understand much about this century and half revolution within the Catholic Church that preceded us . The Franciscans of the Immaculata were uniquely knowledgeable of this subject and its close connection to the freemason prelates within the Church and this was ‘one’ of the reasons the order was given to silence and sanction them

The Church vs The Other Church Upon Us Is Part of the Great Chastisement That Was Prophesized