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The State Begins to decide who lives and who dies 

The Good News And The Bad News – Shock Of The States Involvement In The Billion Dollar Abortion Industry


The Current Hierarchy Of The Catholic Church On The Subject Of Pro-life

Prolife States Take A Stand For Morality

The Killing Of Babies Inside and Outside The Womb – The Orwellian Spin Doctors


The Unstoppable Prolife Movement – Based On Science And Natural Law

The Real Face Of Abortion

They claim its not eugenics but in the mid tier cities and towns that are attempting gentrification of minority areas that is always where they build the abortion mill. Following this you see the toy stores go out of business in these same towns as well as children’s cloths stores while the selections in super stores narrows for children  But soon after what replaces them are luxury four wheel drive car dealerships . The place where the swing sets use to be are paved over to fit another car. And then comes the pet super store. There needs to be an analysis done on the relationship between neighborhoods and towns with a abortion mills and pet superstores. Natural law says that human nature will replace natural instinct to care for and raise ….with something else . As in Romans “They exchanged the worship of the creator for the creature.” This what happens when societies, cultures, and nations begin to fall.

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May 8 – Matriarch of the Carolingian family -Saint Itta  -On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites


As science continues to upstage abortion and as science continues to prove that life begins at conception we will see them very soon coming after the scientists. History always repeats itself

Remember – First they took the nobles, then they took the scientists – Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites


The arrest of Antoine Laurent de Lavoisier.