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Saint Joseph will always be the true battler and worker against the May (1st) Day of Marxist Revolutions which at base are just varied forms of Communism – hard vs. soft versions of socialism , liberation theology , and revolutions

At base – communistic socialism movements , abortion & contraception, euthanasia, the transgender homosexual movement, and the redefinition of marriage & morality are all attacks on marriage and the family as predicted by the Mother of God who forever intercedes to direct us to the feet of our Savior Jesus Christ in this her month of May.  What has caught many Catholics off guard is to the depths it has penetrated the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church. Although their overthrow of the Kingship of Christ in both the east and now the west , has brought us to these equally violent components of the culture of death However our remnant and light that the darkness cannot seem to eradicate but infuriates it with our growth , this movement towards the ‘return of the king’ and the return towards the restoration of the binding dogmatic teachings of the Kingship of Christ that runs parallel to the reign of Mary is what gives light and direction to this historic salvific battle

The unfolding relationship between these components is prophesy being played out below before our very eyes in the links below. Only a true knowledge and seeking to learn more of this one true Body of Christ, the Roman Catholic Church – united inseparably from the crucified and resurrected body of Christ will lead us into that love of Him in the beatific vision we seek


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Why have so many Catholics shied away from the corporatist remedy to our ever-present economic ills? While a full answer cannot be provided here, no doubt the general state of doctrinal confusion wrought by the Second Vatican Council deserves a hefty share of the blame. Although it is commendable that certain writings of the post-Vatican II popes have called back to the principles articulated by the likes of Leo XIII and Pius XI, other less guarded declarations, such as those routinely made by Pope Francis, have led some Catholics to view the Church’s social doctrine as suggestive rather than binding.


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His Royal Highness , The Now Late , Grand-Duke-Jean