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According to the widow of a former ambassador to the Vatican for Honduras, Pope Francis’ reform chief Cardinal Óscar Rodríguez Maradiaga has maintained an abusive and mafia-like regime in Honduras for decades, promoting false investment schemes, diverting money from the local university and from the government to shadowy and immoral purposes, and ruthlessly protecting his corrupt auxiliary bishop, who was forced to resign in 2018 following accusations of sexual abuse of seminarians.


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Bishop Oscar Miñarro, A Revolutionary like Francis by Salwa Bachar

This beach-Mass Bishop promotes homo unions, abortion, inculturation etc.


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May 2 – The Economist – Saint Antoninus – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

Saint Antoninus was an Archbishop and a prophet that saw the era of protestantism coming -He saw a time when they would attempt to break the relationship between Church and State in order to remake the economy into a new Christianity that would support a for profit only world view, unseat Christendom and Christian Monarchies


The Corporatist Remedy to Economic Liberalism – On The Society District of the USA

Why have so many Catholics shied away from the corporatist remedy to our ever-present economic ills? While a full answer cannot be provided here, no doubt the general state of doctrinal confusion wrought by the Second Vatican Council deserves a hefty share of the blame. Although it is commendable that certain writings of the post-Vatican II popes have called back to the principles articulated by the likes of Leo XIII and Pius XI, other less guarded declarations, such as those routinely made by Pope Francis, have led some Catholics to view the Church’s social doctrine as suggestive rather than binding.


Fresco of The alms of Sant’Antonio Pierozzi in the Church of San Domenico, Torino, Italy.