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After an initial enthusiasm for and flirtation with what he thought Napoleon might bring to Europe, Beethoven later in his life became a strong supporter of the Habsburg monarchy…and an avowed foe of the Napoleonic destruction of the Old Order. He understood what that meant, just as the Blessed Pius IX after the Revolution of 1848 understood the deleterious effects of liberalism and its fanatical desire to destroy Christian civilization.


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The philosophical definition of truth is “the conformity of the mind to reality.”1 Truth is, therefore, a conformity. And as the etymology of that word suggests, it is the mind being “shaped,” — or bent into the shape of — reality as it is. That reality exists outside of us and is not the product of our intellect or imagination, which are knowing faculties that do not manufacture reality but receive it. The imagination and intellect are just as subject to the reality that exists outside of them as the eardrum is to the sound waves that strike it or the eye to the light that meets its retina.


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But we can know that if this became a Catholic country, the system would organically turn into something else — something better. In the meantime, let us remember that our chief of state and government is a politician from whom we routinely demand the behaviour of a King.


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  1. Protestant Monarchies and Catholic Republics – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites


As contrasted with Tradition


Crown Prince Umberto of Italy with his sisters Maria and Giovanna in the Vatican, along with Marquis Don Giovanni Battista Sacchetti, Major of the Apostolic Palace.


The following critical studies are not being analyzed sufficiently by enough qualified Churchmen and architects of our culture and western governments

Beneath a scriptural exegesis (interpretation) that separates denominational Christianity versions that lives only at the surface there is a resident theology beneath this as we all know

But beneath a solid theology which Roman Catholicism has founded on the marriage of faith and reason , lives a solid scholastic philosophy based on orthodox Catholic thinking , that rewinds through the millenniums of sacred tradition to its divine revelation source and the 70 Apostles that led the replacement of the heads of the 70 tribes of Israel in the process following the fall of the main temple in 70AD and the abrogation of the old Covenant , whereby God himself decided to forge a new covenant with a new peoples He selected based on His only begotten Son born of a perfect and miraculous Virgin

All of which in a parallel way has yet anotherfoundational layer beneath it – ontology – who God really is – and the definition of the person and who the person really is


The truth of Christ has been maintained in the Catholic Church intact , from the 70 Apostles  right up through the late 1950s , which is the primary job of the Holy See and by extension the Bishops

However the revolution entered the Church 1960s to present did so not by starting with Scripture or Theology reinterpretation but with the ax at the root of the tree began at the redefinition of the person – and the redefinition of God in ontology

The dismantling of the spelled out truth of the history of who God is with a new revolutionary understanding that a personal God could never be completely known in this way – (which was condemned at Vatican I. )

They claimed that by Jesus becoming man it changed human nature and merged us with the divine , thereby making us have the ability to “blend” with God and for everyone most especially non Christian religions and giving those persons and all persons rights not only equal to that of God but in many cases to exceed His rights previously established by the Church – By reinventing the person , they reinvent human dignity and man can now evolve internally and Catholic doctrine can evolve

It’s called Immanence , evolving to a future world – in a new cosmic eschatology that the human race is all supposedly headed towards – One who studies the Doctor Thomas Aquinas can immediately spot the heresies and the violation of God blending with other human beings – To escape condemnation they reinvent transcendence making new levels of the essence of God and the essence of the person multi-level. Also known as transcendental anthropocentrism, a new humanism based on man, in mankind

The far majority of all  the conciliar and post conciliar hierarchy believe in these new Catholic philosophies needed in order to construct this new pan religion

The one who began it was Pope John XXIII –with the rights of man,  Paul VI merely fostered it’s merger with Socialism and Marxism acceptance – The Pope that really fashioned it into Papal teachings and pounded into the dicastries for decades was John Paul II , a Popewas by far more revolutionary than any other Conciliar Pope – even though Benedict XVI came very close with some of his theology redux essays including refuting the Holy Trinity to which he still to this day has never recanted of and it exists in multiple places in several of his books and essays as a Bishop – The dissident theologians Rahner and Balthazar were Benedict XVI’s peers. It was John Paul II looked up to them and sought to use his love of Tielhard de Chardin and the Cosmic Christ philosophies to go beyond them

Pope Francis is merely the construction coordinator , the implementer loyal to what these Fathers of the Council have laid down . All of them are in agreement that THEY are the historical architects of the new pan religion remake of Roman Catholicism

After you read some of their theologies and philosophies including their own personal theologians and the philosophers that work for them and continue to work for Francis I and Benedict XVI you then understand much better ‘

Everything that is devolving in western civilization – The commonality between all the Conciliar Popes and their theologians have all spoken and written at length of how wrong it is to work at trying to rebuild and or restore Christendom and that this is not the future Christ and the future Christ people that will need to become part of all religions and all religions to become part of them in the “future Christ”

This language is in almost every one of the 16 documents of the Vatican II Council and it is in each one of these Pope’s constant teachings

The Catholic world is in denial that there is an un televised revolution ravaging it and western civilization that the majority do not understand