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The same Pope that refuses to genuflect for the consecration and refuses to kneel during any Adoration



Conciliar Catholicism has rewired Catholic philosophy , unplugged metaphysics , and declawed scholastics

The new religion suppresses finding truth via divine revelation and re-orders it to the individual’s personal conscience and emotional sentiment , re-inventing  new form of human dignity based on man. The hierarchy of the Church seeks to exalt and bring to the same plane men of non-Christian religions to which they believe each possess their own various religious consciousness.

The various conciliar Popes , most especially Pope Francis has said these things over and over. In order to do this they must auto- destruct the old religion and most especially the old Rites which stand in glaring contradiction to that of which they are constructing. Therefore it becomes better understood as to why they continue to mandate everyone in the Church to follow in the new religion in all its new forms……….. Lex Orendi Lex Credendi.

There’s only one problem and that is that this new religion was formally condemned by the eternal magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church in an unaccountable amount of instances but never so articulate as in Saint Pope Pius X Pascendi Dominici Gregis

Where St. Pius X states verbally and in proclamation “”From this venerable Brethren springs – the most absurd tenet of the modernists : that every religion , from different aspects, is equally natural and supernatural . Thus they make synonymous the words conscience and revelation, From this they issue the law that establishes as the universal rule religious conscience placed on an equal footing with revelation, to which all must submit , even the supreme authority of the Church , either when it teaches or when it legislates in matters of cult or discipline. “”


It’s not just Traditional Liturgy under attack. The revolution is fighting to overthrow much more, as the multiform attack is upon architecture , music , philosophy , and the re-writing of history


The One World Religion Movement Is Real

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Renowned conservative philosopher quoted out of context, accused of  thought crimes UK Press translates  it to “racism” and he’s fired  – On New Statesman

‘They accuse me of thought-crimes, and to persuade the government that I am not fit to be chairman of the commission recently entrusted to me.”


The Day Stephen Hawking Unsettled His Atheist Peers – Crisis Magazine

Speaking at an international conference in Dublin, Ireland, Hawking said that he was wrong about his 30-year assertion that material entering a black hole leaves our universe.

Reversing his previous position, Hawking conceded that black holes are not cosmic birthing centers, nor mystical portals to some parallel universe—theories that gained currency through his best-selling book, A Brief History of Time and his later book, Black Holes and Baby Universes and Other Essays.

Extremely displeased was the academia milieu from this deviation of the party line of the revolution


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