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The Veiling Off The Statues Explained Against The Catholic Crisis

CHURCH in PASSION: Christ Hides Himself Again – On YouTube

Listen to this Sunday Sermon from South St. Paul, Father helps us see how easy it is, in terrible times like ours, to lose sight of Providence and to even, if we’re not vigilant, lose faith in Christ Himself. He rose again the first time and, though Providence seems hidden from us now, His Church will rise again. There is, however, a violet pal over the Catholic Church right now and, as members of the Church, we too find ourselves in darkness and may even ask: “How long, O Lord? How long?” But we must not leave Christ, even when He is hidden from us for a time.


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Passion Week – Bel and the Dragon in the Liturgy of Lent – On Novus Motus Liturgicus


With the approach of Holy Week, the archbishop of Santa Fe, New Mexico, has once again warned the faithful (of the masses of separated conciliar Catholic against a macabre devotion to Our Lady of Holy Death, which threatens to become an autonomous cult in Central America.

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The Biggest Story In the United States to Come Out In Decades

In The US The Majority Of The Country Has Left Mainline Protestantism and has become either Evangelical Protestant – Catholic or the largest growing category in the world atheism

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Fr Hunwicke’s Mutual Enrichment: Cardinal Sarah and proselytism “I find it difficult to conceal the fact that, in my own opinion and speaking only for myself, this pontificate has moved from being an embarrassment to being a problem, and, now, to being something far worse.”


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De Mattei: “Questa crisi viene da molto lontano” – Aldo Maria Valli


    There needs to be a commission opened to re-examine the errors within the Vatican II documents , their philosophers and the disastrous effects on modern culture We have studied them here and can tell you that there are dozens and dozens of teachings that violate infallibly declared Roman Catholic teaching

   Unitatis redintegratio, Lumen Gentium, and Guadium Et Spes are documents wherein each one contain several very blatant heresies The biggest lie in Catholic narrative sphere is that it was THE SPIRIT” of Vatican II which is rubbish

 – Vatican II was the culmination of a monumental battle all the pre-conciliar Popes fought against for a century and half of modernism WITHIN the Church – At the Council the same ‘evolving’ schools of thought, turned progressivist, overtook the Church hierarchy in the form of a real revolution to which we are surrounded by the dead fruit of its ruins, ruins of schools, Churches, Orders, the majority of which are decimated – Canada and several other large Countries are in the process of closing over 80% of its Catholic Churches , (that’s right 80%!) the remaining Catholic Schools are teaching a different religion = syncretism Why haven’t more Catholics read the philosophers and the periti of Vatican II, that the Council was based on …immanentism, transcendental existentialism, anthropocentric humanism.  These radical liberals in disguise the disingenuous nature of the Council Fathers. A great awakening is under way , the denial phase of a Catholic era is coming to an end, as in when the gladiator says to the false emperor, we too say to them the time for honoring yourself and your reign is almost at an end  

     We must all do our homework – on the continuation of the era of revolutions . The protestant revolution of the enlightenment era, that gave way to the French revolution , that gave way to the Communist and subsequent (and still on-going Socialism ) revolutions . The elements within the language texts of Vatican II and within these revolutions have commonalities in their trajectories in the cult of man. The Council documents DECLARE in multiple places , which cannot be denied ,” the rights of man ABOVE the rights of God “…..We must read the documents ( and as they say in light of the eternal magisterium of what  the Church holds to be true)  One needs not be a scholar but a faithful lay person using the Baltimore Catechism or the Catechism of the Council of Trent that came out of a Council with infallible declarations to clearly see that there are irreconciliable differences between it and the new proposed religion , the fruits of which are clearly manifesting themselves in the culture and in the Church –

     If you cut and paste sections of the 50 year old document Unitatis redintegratio into a browser what comes up is something hundreds of years older …the constitutions , philosophies and tenets, of Scottish Rite Ecclesial Freemasonry …to which modern Faithful Catholics are largely indoctrinated with . Many don’t have access to one of the other 22 approved Rites of the Catholic Church to substantiate these facts and therefore have great difficulty escaping its main vehicle that drives the revolution further each day into the Church = the new Rite ……It is indeed very much like the matrix movies trilogy saying “Neo, this is your wake up call …..follow the white rabbit ” (truth) Pilot said to Jesus at his trial …’Ah , what is truth , Jesus answered ‘I am the way the truth and the life’ ….The physical body of Christ that was crucified is one and inseparable from ‘the’ mystical body of Christ which is the Roman Catholic Church (the eternal magisterium of what was always held to be true)  There is indeed an authentic Catholic Church ( that exists within the Church) and the mainstream elements of the conciliar Catholic Church, and it’s current hierarchy as promulgated by the new Rite -just isn’t it . Which is why we must all follow the Truth wherever it might unexpectedly take us

Blessed Antonio Pavoni – April 9


The body of Blessed Antonio in the Dominican church of Racconigi

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April 11 – He excommunicated the king, who murdered him as he celebrated Mass – The Polish Solution – Saint Stanislaus of Cracow – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites


Miniature painted by Stanisław Samostrzelnik of Saint Stanislaus of Szczepanów as the patron saint of Poland, venerated by King Sigismund I and Tomicki himself together with church and secular dignitaries.