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Prefacing our remarks on the Holy Father with the following –

No one from our camp nor from traditional Catholic academia is attempting in any way to separate Catholics from the Roman Catholic Church – Faithful Catholics through the centuries have had recourse to resistance and withholding their ascent to teachings of the ordinary magisterium that dissented from the ‘eternal magisterium of the Church and what the Church always held to be true There were four Popes that were complete heretics and to which following them would have resulted in disastrous consequences for the faithful . The likes of the murderous King David in the line of the Davidic Covenant , his errors and his sins did not result in our Trinitarian Lord of all sudden changing his plans and revoking the covenant in his course for salivation history . A perfect example was over a century of Papally approved teachings on Jansenism that were later reversed and declared a heresy .

If anything this Pope is starting to be seen in traditional Catholic circles as a blessing come to both the conservatives and the regular middle of the road Catholics to awaken  many to the fact that the problems in the Church ran much deeper than this Pontificate and is rooted in a modernism battle from the previous century.. lost in the battle to a hierarchy gone progressive and culminating at the second Vatican Council . Three is now a great awakening in the Catholic populace driving people to study the traditional Catholic faith and learning that much of what is being taught in the past 50 years has much less to do with Roman Catholicism and has much more to do with internal revolutions than anything else . While it is true that this Pope and the current crisis is causing thousands to leave the new Rite of the Catholic Church There is also, unknown to many, a reverse flow of converts amidst the exodus in the opposite direction ,  a reversion of thousands in each country to Sacred Tradition As in the days of old , history repeats itself and there is again two Churches within the Catholic Church under reconstruction

As Scripture teaches us to “chose this day whom you will serve “ we remember that Joan of Arc ..Catherine of Siena,  John Fisher , Thomas Moore, Robert Bellarmine  and others , who all rebuked erring Popes,  could never have later become Saints without calling for a faithful resistance that appeared to many of the day as schismatic. While this situation has not occurred in centuries , it is where the Church finds herself . There was a period where the majority of the Church fell into Arianism THE MAJORITY of the entire hierarchy. This is an historical truth. And we are again witnessing the fall of the majority , therefore we are not without precedent.

Whether he goes down as the worst of the Popes of modern history or all of history, he is still the Holy Father until otherwise established by the Holy Roman Catholic Church and sede-vacantism can never or will “never” be the answer.

We must remember the goal is always to work with all our might as soldiers of Christ in order to adhere to the requisite Catholic dogma of the Social Reign of Christ The King , to restore all things in Christ

Therefore it is to be remembered in the Gospel’s great commission that the ultimate form of Charity is to witness to the truth against error no matter how high the error goes . (John the Baptist becomes beheaded for calling adultery adultery) Rather than following a false obedience the mandate to obedience is to fight the offenses against the Sacred Heart of Jesus , His absolute truth and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, who,  as we all know, in the end will triumph

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