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More than 30,000 American women have died due to direct side effects of the Birth Control Pill since it was adopted in the United States, with heart attack, stroke, and breast cancer being the most common causes.


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Challenging Feminism At Its Roots: A Call to Arms from a Radical Catholic — On Catholic Family News

Radical Catholicism Is the Answer- Unborn babies are being murdered each and every day, and we simply do not have time to wait as the language of the “new feminism” attempts to re-define the first principles (which often devolve to no unchanging principles at all) that our progressive, secular society rests upon. Instead, we should strive ever more fervently in every area of our lives to become the radical Catholics we were created to be.

The root of Catholicism is not only a set of ideas, but a Person: Truth, the Word of God, Jesus Christ, Who can never contradict Himself, or lie, or teach that the ends justify the means. Pontius Pilate asked, “What is truth?” (John 18:38) and we owe it to Our Lord, to His people, and even to those made in His image who presently reject His love to make sure that we answer rightly.

Notes  [1] Josef Pieper, Abuse of Language, Abuse of Power (trans. Lothar Krauth) (San Francisco: Ignatius Press, 1992), p. 21.


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The Consequences of the Birth Control Pill That No One Thought About – On Human Life International

More than 30,000 American women have died due to direct side effects of the Birth Control Pill since it was adopted in the United States, with heart attack, stroke, and breast cancer being the most common causes.


Join HLI and a Coalition of National Pro-life Groups Following Conception to Birth of “Baby Chris” | Human Life International

Human Life International has joined a coalition of national pro-life groups on a unique project to highlight the humanity of the unborn.

At a time when protections for children in the womb are being eliminated in many states, the project urges people all over the U.S. to observe March 25 as the Day of the Unborn Child and then to follow the development of the unborn child for nine months until Christmas Day. As a guide, the project points people to an app that shows the developmental facts and stunning imagery of the child for each week of pregnancy.


Disposing Of The Babies – The Weak Link In The Murder Industry – And Why The Burial Of Unborn Legislation Is Critical In The Pro-life Movement

Former Truck Driver Blows the Whistle on Stericycle’s Lies | On Created Equal


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April 1 – Blessed Karl, Emperor of Austria – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites


Blessed Karl And The Imperial-Family-c.-1919

Sermon for Laetare Sunday: All This Culture Of Death Is Proof That The Law Cannot Save us – On Rorate Caeli  


Novus Motus Liturgicus  Laetare Sunday 2019


From the book of Leviticus 16:2-28 The day of atonement

The Lord said to Moses, “Tell your brother Aaron that he is not to come whenever he pleases into the sanctuary, inside the veil, in front of the propitiatory on the ark; otherwise, when I reveal myself in a cloud above the propitiatory, he will die. Only in this way may Aaron enter the sanctuary.

“He shall bring a young bullock for a sin offering and a ram for a holocaust. He shall wear the sacred linen tunic, with the linen drawers next to his flesh, gird himself with the linen sash and put on the linen miter. But since these vestments are sacred, he shall not put them on until he has first bathed his body in water.

From the Israelite community he shall receive two male goats for a sin offering and one ram for a holocaust.

“Aaron shall bring in the bullock, his sin offering to atone for himself and for his household. Taking the two male goats and setting them before the Lord at the entrance of the meeting tent, he shall cast lots to determine which one is for the Lord and which for Azazel. The goat that is determined by lot for the Lord, Aaron shall bring in and offer up as a sin offering. But the goat determined by lot for Azazel he shall set alive before the Lord, so that with it he may make atonement by sending it off to Azazel in the desert.

“Thus shall Aaron offer up the bullock, his sin offering, to atone for himself and for his family. When he has slaughtered it, he shall take a censer full of glowing embers from the altar before the Lord, as well as a double handful of finely ground fragrant incense, and bringing them inside the veil, there before the Lord he shall put incense on the fire, so that a cloud of incense may cover the propitiatory over the commandments; else he will die. Taking some of the bullock’s blood, he shall sprinkle it with his finger on the fore part of the propitiatory and likewise sprinkle some of the blood with his finger seven times in front of the propitiatory.

“Then he shall slaughter the people’s sin-offering goat, and bringing its blood inside the veil, he shall do with it as he did with the bullock’s blood, sprinkling it on the propitiatory and before it.

“Thus he shall make atonement for the sanctuary because of all the sinful defilements and faults of the Israelites. He shall do the same for the meeting tent, which is set up among them in the midst of their uncleanness. No one else may be in the meeting tent from the time he enters the sanctuary to make atonement until he departs.

When he has made atonement for himself and his household, as well as for the whole Israelite community, he shall come out to the altar before the Lord and make atonement for it also. Taking some of the bullock’s and the goat’s blood, he shall put it on the horns around the altar, and with his finger sprinkle some of the blood on it seven times. Thus he shall render it clean and holy, purged of the defilements of the Israelites.

“When he has completed the atonement rite for the sanctuary, the meeting tent and the altar, Aaron shall bring forward the live goat. Laying both hands on its head, he shall confess over it all the sinful faults and transgressions of the Israelites, and so put them on the goat’s head. He shall then have it led into the desert by an attendant. Since the goat is to carry off their iniquities to an isolated region, it must be sent away into the desert.

“After Aaron has again gone into the meeting tent, he shall strip off and leave in the sanctuary the linen vestments he had put on when he entered there. After bathing his body with water in a sacred place, he shall put on his vestments, and then come out and offer his own and the people’s holocaust, in atonement for himself and for the people, and also burn the fat of the sin offering on the altar.

“The man who has led away the goat for Azazel shall wash his garments and bathe his body in water; only then may he enter the camp. The sin-offering bullock and goat whose blood was brought into the sanctuary to make atonement, shall be taken outside the camp, where their hides and flesh and offal shall be burned up in the fire.

The one who burns them shall wash his garments and bathe his body in water; only then may he enter the camp.

From a homily on Leviticus by Origen, priest Christ the high priest makes atonement for our sins

Once a year the high priest, leaving the people outside, entered that place where no one except the high priest might enter. In it was the mercy-seat, and above the mercy-seat the cherubim, as well as the ark of the covenant and the altar of incense.

Let me turn to my true high priest, the Lord Jesus Christ. In our human nature he spent the whole year in the company of the people, the year that he spoke of when he said: He sent me to bring good news to the poor, to announce the acceptable year of the Lord, and the day of forgiveness. Notice how once in that year, on the day of atonement, he enters into the holy of holies. Having fulfilled God’s plan, he passes through the heavens and enters into the presence of the Father to make him turn in mercy to the human race and to pray for all who believe in him.

John the apostle, knowing of the atonement that Christ makes to the Father for all men, says this: Little children, I say these things so that you may not sin. But if we have sinned we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ, the just one. He is the atonement for our sins. In the same way Paul refers to this atonement when he says of Christ: God appointed him to be the atonement for our sins in his blood, through faith. We have then a day of atonement that remains until the world comes to an end.

God’s word tells us: The high priest shall put incense on the fire in the sight of the Lord. The smoke of the incense shall cover the mercy-seat above the tokens of the covenant, so that he may not die. He shall take some of the blood of the bull-calf and sprinkle it with his finger over the mercy-seat toward the east.

God taught the people of the old covenant how to celebrate the ritual offered to him in atonement for the sins of men. But you have come to Christ, the true high priest. Through his blood he has made God turn to you in mercy and has reconciled you with the Father. You must not think simply of ordinary blood but you must learn to recognize instead the blood of the Word. Listen to him as he tells you: This is my blood, which will be shed for you for the forgiveness of sins.

There is a deeper meaning in the fact that the high priest sprinkles the blood toward the east. Atonement comes to you from the east. From the east comes the one whose name is Dayspring, he who is mediator between God and men. You are invited then to look always to the east: it is there that the sun of righteousness rises for you, it is there that the light is always being born for you. You are never to walk in darkness; the great and final day is not to enfold you in darkness. Do not let the night and mist of ignorance steal upon you. So that you may always enjoy the light of knowledge, keep always in the daylight of faith, hold fast always to the light of love and peace.