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Progresisivst Catholicism and the reigning hierarchy today bases itself by majority on the new Catholic direction of the non-binding pastoral Council of the 1960s that is Vatican II

Vatican II suppressed Catholic scholasticism and the Scriptural exegesis of the Church Fathers and now bases itself on the following theologies and philosophies, of immanentism , transcendental anthropology , modern humanism, evolution, conciliarism (democracy in Church governing) theological pluralism, and modern secular science and philosophy.   In the post conciliar era it has added feminist theology, liberation theology, and syncretism with elements of non-Christian religions , suppressed the Catholic State – the monarchical forms of Church government, and the process of condemning errors. It is now forbidden to forbid – This new commandment echoes through all the Conciliar documents in the implementation of the theologians and the Priests it has been drilled into to impart unto the people.

We must remember that this Council and these are PASTORAL recommendations that came to a head as a culmination of an era close to 200 years of the Catholic Church’s battle with Modernism which formally condemned by multiple pre-Conciliar Popes but none so articulately as Pope Saint Pius X in Pascendi or the Syllabus of Errors . Many of the previously banned and sanctioned theologians of this condemned school of thought were brought back and reinstated by John XXIII, Paul VI and John Paul II – these facts can easily be corroborated in our modern era of reliable data

The likes of Koenig , Suenens, Schillebeeckx, Rahner Von Balthasar, de Lubac, Congar, Kung , and Chenu took all of the previously condemned theologies of the enlightenment era, of the late 18th century and the 19th century – the lodge philosophies, eastern mysticism , immanence, transcendence, the awakening of man in the rights of man – revived them, reinvented them,  brought them into Council floor and then hammered them into implementation into Society.  These revolutionaries, whose philosophies and theologies were previously condemned were made into Bishops , Cardinals and promoted into leading theologians with honored chairs of Pontifical Universities and became leading respected names in the new conciliar Catholicism in their academic journals and ecclesial society circles.

Through the suppression of the previous meaning of pastoral ,  through the documents and the new teachings they then redefine pastoral to now mean ‘coming into existentialism’

Guadium Et Spes one of the 16 central documents of the Council and one of at least three main documents that each contain dozens of heresies that violate the infallible teachings of the eternal magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church states

“Let the faithful blend the new sciences and their doctrines and the understanding of the most recent discoveries with Christian morality and doctrine . this their religious practice and morality can keep pace with their scientific knowledge and with an ever-advancing technology so that they will be able to appreciate and interpret all things in a more truly Christian spirit”

It is licit to speak of a new age of human history hence fresh avenues are open for the refinement and the wider diffusion of culture These avenue have been paved with enormous growth of natural human and social sciences by progress in technology and by advances in the development and organization of the means by which men communicate with one another

Guadium Et Spes again-

“ By virtue of the Gospel committed to her , the Church proclaims the rights of man . She acknowledges greatly and esteems the dynamism of our times by which these rights are everywhere fostered”

These are but a few examples – There are dozens and dozens more that they are only just now attempting to implement – Even a cursory review of this document Lumen Gentium and Unitatis Redintegratio, is enough to shock the faithful Catholic (even one who has not done comparision studies of traditional preconciliar Catholic philosophy & theology and its new counterparts that to seeks to irradiate the old Church in both its physical and logical form as supposed god given mission of its founders

There are no gnostic secrets here – The teachings are published in black & while and spoke in open public One need only compare them each to what the Church has always held to be true and to see the fruits of the new ‘religion under construction’

Quoting directly one of the main authors of the Council one of this premier theologians the Dominican Priest Father E. Schillebeeckx,

  • “I want to summarize certain fundamental emphasis and attitude in the way of the Church understands herself as they are officially formulated in the documents of Vatican II


  • The erroneous brutal interpretation formerly given to the idea of Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus (There is no salvation outside the Church ) has been overcome . It becomes increasingly clear that salvation is no longer an exclusive possession of the Church


  • The Roman Catholic Church now recognizes the authentically religious aspects of non-Christian religions and even the presence of the Christian “new man and consequently of Christianity itself in all men of good will


  • God’s salvific will is also more clearly recognized outside Israel and Christianity As a consequence one must admit that there are elements of revelation outside of Israel and Christianity “

For each one of these statement he cites a section of Vatican II document to back up his summary

We then turn to Bishop Boaventura Kloppenburg , the main chronicler of Vatican II summarizes the new teachings and the on-going process to overthrow Roman Catholic teaching

Quoiting directly Bishop Kloppenburg’s writings

  • “ Vatican II positively gives value to non-Christian religions , in these religions one can always find elements that are good , true beautiful , just and holy, even though mixes with others that are bad, erroneous, or unacceptable.


  • All these precious doctrinal fragments of Vatican II lead us to an obvious conclusion : outside the Church (that is outside the visible structure of the Catholic Church as it is concretely realized in history) there is also salvation! Today , as the Council demonstrates we are FORBIDDEN to understand the axiom in the sense invented by Saint Cyprian, its author , or by Saint Augustine , or by by the formula of Faith proscribed by Innocence III to the Albigenses, by the Fourth Lateran Council, or by Boniface VIII, or by the already mentioned decree of the Council of Florence against the Jacobites.
  • Hence we are facing one of those cases (and there are others) supposed by the VII Decree Unitatis Redentegratio of the incorrectness of enunciating (prior Catholic ) doctrine. “


Translation =They just declared himself to be like George Orwelll and the for all of us to be citizens in the book 1984

He continues

  • “The theologian is invited by Guadium et Spes to discover a more tailored , intelligible and acceptable formulation required to express matters on the previous Faith “ If you’re not starting to hear scary music in the background – you should be .
  • “In the new pneumatological essence of the Church the Council now sees the presence and action of the Holy Spirt as outside the Church” The spirit uses them as a means of salvation infuses interior gifts into non –Catholic Christians (Unitatis Redentegratio 3c)
  • His Grace operates in non Christians who ignore the Gospel (LG- 16a )


Fast forward to the same Bishop Kloppenburg in 1985 – (no reference to 1984 intended here)

Having proven himself up for the new religion implementation Pope Paul II makes Bishop Kloppenburg the Vatican Secretariat for Non-Christian religions , Kloppenburg then proceeds to set up ecumenical worship with Brazilian African tribal religions of voodoo worship and request of the Congregation of Rites and special hybrid Rite for them to worship with Catholics . In the well documented cases of his dialogue and ceremonies involving a whole hoist of Brazilian Bishops with Candombie and Umbanda – African voodoo worship religions – His work culminates with a visit from the Pope in a an ecumenical prayer and to bless the work , Bishop Kloppenburg and his diligent insightful understandings of the new teachings of Conciliar Catholicism

Never any mention of sin and the need for constant prayer to overcome the religion of paganism and their many false gods

Psalm 4:2 How long will you people turn my glory into shame? How long will you love delusions and seek false gods

Psalm 40:4 Blessed is the one who trusts in the LORD, who does not look to the proud, to those who turn aside to false gods. 

Psalm 31:6-8 I hate those who worship false gods. I trust only in the Lord.I will be glad and rejoice in your love, because you saw my suffering; you knew my troubles.
You have not handed me over to my enemies  but have set me in a safe place.

The fruit of it is plain to see as the people of the false gods come to power. Catholic Churches Are Being Desecrated Throughout France and the Authorities do Not Know Why – On The Eponymous Flower

But the world knows why , the Quran and the muslim people reject the divinity of Christ and are mandated to fight to the death overthrow it


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And old heresies never die; they just put on bellbottoms and tie-dyed t-shirts and adopt the lingo of fashionable socialism. The idea that Jesus was just a nice man who wants you to be nice to poor people and migrants is one that has about it the whiff of these old Christological heresies. Certainly we have seen that the Bergoglian/Kasperian faction in Rome manifestly do not hold the orthodox, Catholic, Chalcedonian Christology and have no compunctions about correcting the Son of God for His lack of “mercy”.


From the book of Exodus 34:10-28 On The Covenant

The Lord said to Moses, “Here is the covenant I will make. Before the eyes of all your people I will work such marvels as have never been wrought in any nation anywhere on earth, so that this people among whom you live may see how awe-inspiring are the deeds which I, the Lord, will do at your side. But you, on your part, must keep the commandments I am giving you today.”

“I will drive out before you the Amorites, Canaanites, Hittites, Perizzites, Hivites and Jebusites. Take care, therefore, not to make a covenant with these inhabitants of the land that you are to enter; else they will become a snare among you. Tear down their altars; smash their sacred pillars, and cut down their sacred poles.”

“You shall not worship any other god, for the Lord is ‘the Jealous One’; a jealous God is he. Do not make a covenant with the inhabitants of that land; else, when they render their wanton worship to their gods and sacrifice to them, one of them may invite you and you may partake of his sacrifice. Neither shall you take their daughters as wives for your sons; otherwise, when their daughters render their wanton worship to their gods, they will make your sons do the same.”

“You shall not make for yourselves molten gods.”

“You shall keep the feast of Unleavened Bread. For seven days at the prescribed time in the month of Abib you are to eat unleavened bread, as I commanded you; for in the month of Abib you came out of Egypt.”

“To me belongs every first-born male that opens the womb among all your livestock, whether in the herd or in the flock. The firstling of an ass you shall redeem with one of the flock; if you do not redeem it, you must break its neck. The first-born among your sons you shall redeem.”

“No one shall appear before me empty-handed.”

“For six days you may work, but on the seventh day you shall rest; on that day you must rest even during the seasons of plowing and harvesting.”

“You shall keep the feast of Weeks with the first of the wheat harvest; likewise, the feast at the fruit harvest at the close of the year.”

“Three times a year all your men shall appear before the Lord, the Lord God of Israel. Since I will drive out the nations before you to give you a large territory, there will be no one to covet your land when you go up three times a year to appear before the Lord, your God.”

“You shall not offer me the blood of sacrifice with leavened bread, nor shall the sacrifice of the Passover feast be kept overnight for the next day.”

“The choicest first fruits of your soil you shall bring to the house of the Lord, your God.”

“You shall not boil a kid in its mother’s milk.”

Then the Lord said to Moses, “Write down these words, for in accordance with them I have made a covenant with you and with Israel.” So Moses stayed there with the Lord for forty days and forty nights, without eating any food or drinking any water, and he wrote on the tablets the words of the covenant, the ten commandments.

From the treatise On Prayer by Tertullian, priest The spiritual offering of prayer

Prayer is the offering in spirit that has done away with the sacrifices of old. What good do I receive from the multiplicity of your sacrifices? asks God. I have had enough of burnt offerings of rams, and I do not want the fat of lambs and the blood of bulls and goats. Who has asked for these from your hands?

What God has asked for we learn from the Gospel. The hour will come, he says, when true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and in truth. God is a spirit, and so he looks for worshipers who are like himself.

We are true worshipers and true priests. We pray in spirit, and so offer in spirit the sacrifice of prayer. Prayer is an offering that belongs to God and is acceptable to him: it is the offering he has asked for, the offering he planned as his own.

We must dedicate this offering with our whole heart, we must fatten it on faith, tend it by truth, keep it unblemished through innocence and clean through chastity, and crown it with love. We must escort it to the altar of God in a procession of good works to the sound of psalms and hymns. Then it will gain for us all that we ask of God.

Since God asks for prayer offered in spirit and in truth, how can he deny anything to this kind of prayer? How great is the evidence of its power, as we read and hear and believe.

Of old, prayer was able to rescue from fire and beasts and hunger, even before it received its perfection from Christ. How much greater then is the power of Christian prayer. No longer does prayer bring an angel of comfort to the heart of a fiery furnace, or close up the mouths of lions, or transport to the hungry food from the fields. No longer does it remove all sense of pain by the grace it wins for others. But it gives the armor of patience to those who suffer, who feel pain, who are distressed. It strengthens the power of grace, so that faith may know what it is gaining from the Lord, and understand what it is suffering for the name of God.

In the past prayer was able to bring down punishment, rout armies, withhold the blessing of rain. Now, however, the prayer of the just turns aside the whole anger of God, keeps vigil for its enemies, pleads for persecutors. Is it any wonder that it can call down water from heaven when it could obtain fire from heaven as well? Prayer is the one thing that can conquer God. But Christ has willed that it should work no evil, and has given it all power over good.

Its only art is to call back the souls of the dead from the very journey into death, to give strength to the weak, to heal the sick, to exorcise the possessed, to open prison cells, to free the innocent from their chains. Prayer cleanses from sin, drives away temptations, stamps out persecutions, comforts the fainthearted, gives new strength to the courageous, brings travelers safely home, calms the waves, confounds robbers, feeds the poor, overrules the rich, lifts up the fallen, supports those who are falling, sustains those who stand firm.

All the angels pray. Every creature prays. Cattle and wild beasts pray and bend the knee. As they come from their barns and caves they look out to heaven and call out, lifting up their spirit in their own fashion. The birds too rise and lift themselves up to heaven: they open out their wings, instead of hands, in the form of a cross, and give voice to what seems to be a prayer.

What more need be said on the duty of prayer? Even the Lord himself prayed. To him be honor and power for ever and ever. Amen.

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They seek to run from the battle field , surrender the age old fight and to fade out to a distant memory the BINDING dogma of the Kingship Of Christ