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On the eve of the First World War, the men who were at the helm of the Barque of Peter were two saints: Pius X and his Secretary of State, Rafael Merry del Val. St Pius X died a month after the start of the War and understood its catastrophic significance.

During the First World War the Russian Revolution broke out. It was the matrix for all the other social and political revolutions that came after. The totalitarianisms of the 20th century destroyed the old order, but they didn’t build a new order. The essence of totalitarianism is not the hypertrophy of the State, as many believe, but the destruction of the natural, social order. Totalitarianism dissolves, in effect, all principles and institutions and renders man destitute of any social protection – to achieve the dictatorship of chaos. Political, intellectual and moral disorder was the common thread of the 20th century – the century of revolutions, world wars and genocides. The bloodiest century in Western history.[3]

The ’68revolution was a Revolution that didn’t shed blood like those previously, but it shed something much worse: it shed the tears of a generation that didn’t only lose their bodies but lost also their souls. Sixty-Eight was the most devastating of all the preceding Revolutions because it enthroned chaos in the everyday life of Western man.

The Second Vatican Council was a cultural Revolution which preceded that of ’68. The slogan which sums up the spirit of ’68 is “It is forbidden to forbid” (Il est interdit d’interdire), which means: “it is forbidden to affirm”. Every affirmation, in effect, if it is clear, firm and categorical, entails the negation of the opposite affirmation. To forbid to forbid means that there are no categorical affirmations, absolute rules nor non-negotiable principles. Man does not act by following rules, but by obeying impulses, sentiments and desires. 

This idea was formulated for the first time by John XXIII in his allocution which opened Vatican II on 11 October 1962. Pope John explained that the Council had been launched not to condemn errors or formulate new dogmas, but rather to propose, with language adapted to new times, the perennial teaching of the Church.[5] We are told that Church doctrine does not change but only the way in which this doctrine is communicated. What actually happened was that the primacy attributed to the pastoral dimension effected a revolution in language, in mentality and in the life of the Church.

Bishop Athanasius Schneider: On the Question of a Heretical Pope – On OnePeterFive


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Behold the king has come! He is going to reign!”

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