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The Jersey City Area Traditional Rite Community temporarily celebrating liturgies at the gorgeous convent chapel “Our Lady Of The Sign” in the Greenville section of Jersey City this Sunday – See the flyer to come support-> inset below

Holy Innocents NYC Stations of the Cross following 6:00pm traditional Mass with veneration of a 1st class relic of the true cross – See the bulletin for the 3rd week of March for more info->


Rosary Rally in Defense of Traditional  Marriage 2019 – This Saturday March 23rd In Conjunction with several thousand other cities – 12 noon – Location = At the intersection of Northfield Avenue and Pleasant Valley Way- in West Orange, NJ

See the flyer for more details ->

PDF version of the flyer on the link

Rosary Rally For Traditional Marriage 2019_3

Talk on the Shroud of Turin On Monday Evening April 8th

Flyer _Shroud Of Tourin Talk _Sterling NJ Our Lady of the Sign Chapel ( Mass information March 24 2019)

Central New Jersey Latin Mass – Electronic News Letter – Update #53



Next weekend is movie weekend

Pro-life Movement’s New Movie Premier March 29th @ 7:30 PM

On this link -> Watch the Unplanned Official Trailer – In Theaters March 29 – On YouTube


Breakfast at Tiffany’s – Landmark Loew’s Jersey – Jersey City

For those interested in seeing the occasional ‘Classic Movie’ in an historic movie palace restored and run by volunteers there are always decent movies to see at the  Landmark Loew’s Jersey – On Journal Square’s Jersey City –(with validated discount parking available behind the theatre ) replete with turn of the century movie palace chandeliers , brass fixtures, the old heavy glass mirrors , and parlor foyers to the ladies and mens room . This place is a traditional architecture historical wonder

One such film to see is   – Breakfast at Tiffany’s –At  Landmark Loew’s Jersey – Jersey City Saturday March 30th at 6:00pm

For those  of us that are part of the counter revolution and active students of the revolution in all its nuances forms This film in a color 1960s NYC is a ground breaking study in how the revolution was just at the cusp of breaking full blast into the culture , this is a good stop on the great adventure

All the movies there begin with Organ playing from the completely restored classic organ and house pipes , along with an introduction to the movie that occasionally has an extra that was in the movie or  writers on the original work or adapters of the original  play say a few words of introduction – So it’s a tradition to attend early to leave time to walk around the lobby and the labyrinth of the restored mezzanine area overlooking the lobby and the entrances , similar to a Radio City vista.


Watch – Docu-Movie – We’re doing it wrong: our lines are converging in the wrong direction –An Amazing Eastern Documentary Posted By – Hilary White On  What’s Up With Francis-Church?


Watch Vintage Video: Michael Davies, William F. Buckley & Malachi Martin vs. the New Mass — Catholic Family News


Watch – This 3 Minute Video On The Restoration Of The Priestly Seminary Of The Order Of The Institute Of Christ The King Sovereign Priest Seminary In Gricigliano , Italy  -On You Tube


New – Watch – Atila Guimarães speaks about TIA’s Counter-Revolutionary Action (from 2017-2019) – On YouTube


Photopost : A Visit to the Abbey of Montecassino By Gregory Dipippo and Jordan Hainsey – On Novus Motus Liturgicus


On Good Reading

Rorate interviews Evelyn Oliver, author of an imaginative and robustly Catholic novel – On RC.com


Romantic Love (Part 2) – By David Lane – On Tradition Restored

The second post of Chapter VI of Irving Babbitt’s Rousseau and Romanticism, “Romantic Love,” in which Babbitt shows how the romantic lover’s “ever-fleeting” object of desire only turns out in the end to be the lover himself in disguise.


Virtues & Traditions of a Healthy Family by Msgr. Henri Delassus

According to the designs of Divine Providence, progress must develop and grow with age, and thus it is necessary that the human family not be wiped out in each generation. The family bonds must subsist between those who have already passed away and those who are living, weaving together all the descendents of a vigorous dynasty. 


Shrove Tuesday’s  unique church traditions – schurz-dailyamerican


Abp Prendergast Confers Minor Orders in the Traditional Rite – On Novus Motus Liturgicus


500 To Be Baptized at Westminster Cathedral – Anglicanism – The First Step Towards Catholic Truth


How the 1962 Missal Acquired Its Calendar Reform -Pius XII And The Start Of The Elevation Of The Primacy Of Ecumenism  – Dialogue Mass 83 by Dr. Carol Byrne – On TIA


How to Destroy “Toxic Masculinity” With Catholic Manual for Men – RTO

Modern media make much of the concept of “toxic masculinity.” Many commentators have dealt with this pernicious idea and its damage to men in today’s society.

Helping young men overcome the pull of toxic masculinity is the unspoken purpose of a new book called Manual for Men. The principal author is the Bishop of Phoenix, the Most Rev. Thomas J. Olmstead.


Can We Love Tradition Too Much? – The Mass And Apologetics On Fr. Dwight Longnecker – On OnePeterFive


Rome’s Most Popular Church: Warning Notice About Reception of Communion – The Eponymous Flower

The Franciscans, whether for a concrete or preventive occasion, at the entrances to the church brought a multilingual reference reminding and admonishing the faithful and visitors of the church in Italian, English, French and Spanish:

“At the Holy Mass, only baptized persons who are in the state of grace can receive Eucharistic communion.”


The Bottom Line on Marriage | Marriage | Christian Life | ANF Articles


From The Recent Archives On Beauty And Tradition

Weather The Storm Of Hierarchy Self Destruction Through Tradition And The Mass Of The Ages – On |TCE|


From Local small “’t” tradition

Photos: Highlights from the Rare NYC Maps Exhibit “New Amsterdam to Metropolis” | Untapped Cities


The Top 10 Secrets of Queens College in NYC | Untapped Cities – Part 2 Traditional Architecture Missionary Revival Style Of Jefferson, Delany, and Colwin Halls


From Sacred Tradition

From the preamble to the Introit /Propers of today’s Ferial Mass for the Friday in the 2nd week of Lent

Souls are bought dearly They never come cheaply There is always enough human weakness and malice at hand to blind men to the need of repentance. The same forces oppose, even violently at times , any attempt to change people. Envy is sometimes the reason for the opposition, as in the cases of Saint Joseph and Jesus Christ our Lord.  If consistent Christian integrity and a zealous apostolate seem unreasonably difficult , a mediation on the crucifix should recall that the death of the God-man was not considered too high a price to pay for the redemption and winning of souls.


Ps 16:15 But I shall appear before you in justice , I shall be content when your glory shall be made manifest Hear O Lord a just cause ; harken to my supplication

March 22 – The Le Moyne: nobles of North America – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites


March 22 – He Stood Up to Hitler Without Flinching – Blessed Clemens August Graf von Galen – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites


March 22 – The soldier who fought with sword in one hand and rosary in the other – St. Nicholas of Flüe  – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites