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Featured – Key One Hour  Talk –

Dr. Doyen Nguyen finds herself in Vienna Picking Up From The Outstanding Work Of Dr. Paul Byrne On The Science Behind The Traditional Catholic Teaching That Brain Death Is Not True Death . She Gives Additional Hard Hitting Scientific Evidence-

“Brain Death” – of whole and parts –is not death-  On gloria.tv


In summary

The Pontifical Academy of Science for years has betrayed traditional Catholic teaching. The PAS has folded its hand and thrown in with the neo-science interpretation of brain death that favors the multi-billion dollar organ harvesting industry Rather than science its proponents use progressivist Catholic philosophy of relativism , irenicism , and pantheism found in the modern conciliar philosophers that displaced traditional Aquinas scholastics and natural law. At the end of her scientific talk – she dedicates some minutes discussing, the Doctor Of The Church, Saint Thomas Aquinas teaching on what constitutes life = to be based on breathing and the heart.

The brain is not the primary organ of the body to denote life or death – And equally important – life support systems ARE NOT extreme measures to keep a person functioning when a baby can grow from several weeks gestation to full baby and the mother is supposedly dead (brain) dead.

The same can be said of persons who become self-healed from serious infections and wounds (even when denied medicine) all while supposedly being in a state of “brain dead” – The high profit margin of organ harvesting international markets (with China as the all time leader) and the high cost of maintaining persons long term on life support has led to the power of hospitals and state governments deciding when someone’s life ends, just the same as they decide as to how many weeks gestation a baby is a person, in each individual State in the US. The pro-life position between when life begins and life end is symmetrical. From conception to natural death , does not exclude the use of artificial life support which is part of today’s ‘natural medicine’ and ‘standard health care’ for people in severe situations

Watch – Doyen NGUYEN in the question and answer section after her talk in Vienna, March 8.

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