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What is to blame for this slow march of the world towards , collectivism , socialism, communism light , and the abandonment of morals objectivity –? why the conciliar Church of course, in its documents , its pronouncements , its new philosophies and theologies

When theocracy and the Catholic State fell in the post World Wars era , the modern state began to rise and the Church began to hitch its wagon to the advocating for new types of socialism based on collectivism and distributist economic concepts which are opposed to traditional Catholic teaching

Criticisms of the ‘ Modern State’ from the ordinary magisterium of the Church began to arise everywhere in numerous examples The Catholic theologian, historian, and writer Atila Sinke Guimaraes explains it further in Animus Delendi “Soon after Vatican II, the Conciliar Church initiated a series of attacks against the Modern State by preaching against the structures of the Western Captialist world and encouraging social reforms. The direct attacks were aimed at the Capitalist regime as a whole. The indirect attacks – opposition to the intuition of private property and promotion of Socialist reforms – were trained against eroding the Western liberal system and introducing legal measures into the structures that would permit the advance of socialization. “

He provides examples that are too numerous to count. One key example is quoted here also from Animus Delendi as follows, “Even after the fall of the Iron Curtain, when Hungry began an economic recovery based on (Christian nationalism and ) the Western model of private property and free initiative . John Paul II condemned the entrance of Capitalism into that Country . In his address to the Hungarian Bishops Conference , the Pope put forth “ At present your country, finds itself under the influence of a consumerist orientation that is imposing itself and threatening to break down traditional values . The danger exists of passing from one dependence to another , one is no less opposed to human advancement , with the tendency to prevent Christianity from dully fulfilling its irrevocable role of integrating Hungarian history and culture. For this reason, I say with the Apostle : Be not held under the yoke of bondage” Gal 5:1”

Here the Pope provides a summary of the new conciliar socialism , progressivism with a false interpretation of both Scripture and the Christendom tradition but it is not the failing of this Pope nor just the one prior or aft. Conciliar Catholicism is a collective breach with traditional Catholicism

More and more educated Catholics have come to realize it for what it is a systematic revolution in the Church – to which the establishment  would respond that not all revolutions are bad but indeed they all are and to the open doors of which blow in every other artifact of the revolution such as the rising attacks against family patrimony /private property and the infiltration of homosexuality and gender theory

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On Neo-Stalinism, there is evidence that Stalin is once again popular in Russia. In June 2017 The Washington Post reported that a nationwide poll taken in Russia indicated that, “More Russians consider Joseph Stalin the ‘most outstanding person’ in world history than any other leader….


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Catholicism sees each man as a self-determinant, a free agent who can cooperate or refuse to cooperate with grace to move toward his supernatural end: the Beatific Vision.

Socialism sees each man as a unit of the state where his individuality — particularly with regard to his final end — doesn’t matter. On a political level, it’s a clash between Church and state, but politics should be the least concern of faithful Catholics as they watch the creeping socialism movement.


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WARNING: This Polish-language scholarly book is not for the politically correct. Nor is it for those steeped in the standard narrative, endlessly promoted by academia and media, of the innocent-victim Jew and the villainous Catholic Pole. Author Pluzanski is unafraid to call a spade a spade—the ZYDOKOMUNA

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