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New study says Traditional Latin Mass attendees are much more faithful to Church teaching than most other Catholics


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Tired of apologizing for being Catholic? Sick of every other religion in the world being praised while yours is condemned?

Weary of hearing about the rights of man, with no thought given to the rights of God and His Church?

Done with CINOs (Catholics In Name Only)? Here’s the answer. On Pentecost weekend in France, nearly 20,000 Catholics from all over the world–of every race and color, men and women, old and young–came together to worship God, to honor Our Lady and to send a message to the world: the anti-Catholic revolution has failed!

We’re back, we’re here to stay and we’re not apologizing for being proud Catholic soldiers of Jesus Christ. The Catholic counterrevolution is in full swing, and it’s a youth movement. All for the greater honor and glory of Almighty God. Viva Cristo Rey! Vive le Christ Roi! Long live Christ the King! (For full coverage of The Remnant’s 27th Pilgrimage to Chartres, click HERE)


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Pertinent Key Archives

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No opposition between the two liturgies?!

And how will the Conciliar Church achieve this “communion” with conservatives on the topic of liturgy? Benedict explains: “Yet for these people, to have the love and tolerance to let them live with this liturgy seems to me a normal requirement of the faith and pastoral concern of any Bishop of our Church. There is no opposition between the liturgy renewed by the Second Vatican Council and the liturgy celebrated according to the old rite.


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Hatred of the ancient liturgy Always means hatred of the ancient Faith… and love of homoheresy – Hilary White On What’s Up With Francis-Church ?


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Stained Glass Windows of the University Church (Constructed in 1845 ) Were Donated by the King of France

The University Church’s current altar is actually the previous altar from the Old St. Patrick’s Cathedral


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When Father John Gerard established a house of refuge for priests in London, Mrs. Line was placed in charge. After Father Gerard’s escape from the Tower in 1597, as the authorities were beginning to suspect her assistance, she removed to another house, which she made a rallying point for neighboring Catholics.

On Candlemas Day, 1601, Father Francis Page, S.J. was about to celebrate Mass in her apartments, when priest-catchers broke into the rooms.

Prepare for these days are near to return


Bl. Roger Filcock – Martyr