I urge you, friends, to watch the most important video you will probably see not only this year but for years to come .
What was explained with eloquence , and video archive bibliography within 20 minutes is a summation of what both we and many traditional minded Catholics have been trying to explain to friends and family for over a decade now

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Secondly but not less importantly

To think that the revolution within the Church is constrained or contained within relaxing Catholic moral teachings on doctrine , homosexuality , or within a single papacy would be a tragic oversight on the part of vigilant faithful Catholic seeking the truth. One of the objectives of conciliar progressivism is not only doubling down on the implementation of the philosophical tenets of freemasonry and the new man , the new humanism , and rights of man , but on government re-reforms in the form of communism light in a reinvented marxism form socialism on slow and deliberate inroads internationally wide. To think that they will be satisfied if you gave them homosexual rights within the Church , even the liberal would be wrong. They were not satisfied from the dethroning of Christ from his own Kingship Feast nor in the invention of the new Rite in the increases of the rights of man over the rights of God Their architects want to overthrow property rights as well as over throw owner worker relationships , it will not stop at leveling all religions found in the new Catholicism. The new man and the new order requires the leveling and reformation of all governments

Although it appeared that Cardinal Ratzinger had condemned liberation theology on March 22nd 1986 he issued Instruction on Christian Liberty and Liberation , a basically heretical document wherein he presented the “positive aspects” of the doctrine of Liberation Theology, reversing his previous determination of its negative aspects as the tide in Rome changed to high tide – One direct reference among many can be found here Instruction on Christian Freedom and Liberation –Cdl Ratzinger On Vatican.va http://www.vatican.va/roman_curia/congregations/cfaith/documents/rc_con_cfaith_doc_19860322_freedom-liberation_en.html

The road of reforms against private property began in south America with support of the conciliar hierarchy advocating liberation theology and in many cases outright armed revolution . Former Pope Benedict XVI then Cdl Ratzinger further evolved on his position advocating revolution in his spoken and written proclamation in October of 1986 “Catholic social doctrine, does not acknowledge the utopia , but develops some models, within a certain historical situation , to achieve the organization of human affairs in the best possible way . For this , it also rejects the mission of revolution and tries to find the road of reforms , without completely excluding the road of violent resistance in extreme situations , refusing however to accept revolution as an automatic solution but from which someday the new man and the new society will inexplicably result.”

Many of Pope John Paul II’s encyclicals and new social teachings rebuked capitalism , private property , and also advocated for a reinventing of new marxist forms of government He is particularly known for speeches and elements of his encyclicals calling for the abolishment of social classes and for all workers to earn percentages of company profits and not just hourly wages and salaries . He advocated for the social revolutions in South America

These teachings run 100% counter to established Catholic teaching and tradition over periods of millennia

Pius XI in Quadragesimo anno which quotes the Catholic social teaching of previous Pontiffs including Rerum Novarum of Leo XIII. Pius XI again taught “ Those who declare that a contract of hiring and being hired is unjust of its own nature and hence a partnership- contract must take place , are certainly in error and gravely misrepresent Catholic social teaching and our precedecesor, whose encylcial not only accepts working for wages and salaries but deals at some length with its regulations in accordance with the rules established by Catholic justice”

Pius XI also condemned the errors of the following “We condemn those who say that it is exploitation not to pay the worker all the profits that his work produces “ For they are greatly in error who do not hesitate to spread the principle that labor is worth and must be paid as much as its products are worth , and that consequently the worker has the right to demand all that is produced through his labor . How far this is from the truth is evident from what we have already explained in treating of property and labor”

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The fight against social liberalism and communism continued right up until the Council

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Say what you want about exposing the filth in the Church — it’s got to be done. However horrid, shocking, lurid or gut-wrenching all this is, it’s got to come out — all of it; every last bit.

Why? Well consider this. When you look at other societal cancers, there is a certain level of what we might call expectation.

Most people come to know and quietly accept on some level that organized crime exists, that there are highly immoral and unethical, if not illegal, practices that go along with government. Most people, again, quietly accept that large financial institutions sometimes play fast and loose with the rules and that Hollywood is a breeding ground for sexual predators with a never-ending supply of victims.



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“Give us his spirit of Elias so that, filled with zeal, which molds heroes and martyrs, and prudence, which chooses the best means to achieve the end, we may again be united for the good of the Coun-ter-Revolution”

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