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Happy Feast of the Martyrdom of Saint Valentine and his beheading by the pagan Claudius II on 02/14 in  270AD

Follow-up to previous newsblog postings on the Council and how it relates to the current ever escalating crisis in the Church 

Most concur with this well researched position out of Catholic academia – and the hypocrisies on Benedict XVI

Saving Benedict XVI – Schizophrenia or Hypocrisy? by Fr. Paul Alvarez Norton


There is complete continuity between Francis I, John Paul II, and Benedict XVI

We need to re-focus our studies on the teachings of the “eternal” magisterium of Roman Catholicism – from the Church Fathers and Saints up to the French Revolution within the Church prior to the 1960s.

The repeated focus of the new Rite and the new Catholicism and their continuity is the “cult of man”

Quoting Paul VI directly in his final words of his homily at the Mass to close the Vatican II Council at which he proclaimed the following conclusion with smirk and received ovation

“ Indeed an immense love of men permeated this Council. Human needs examined and considered in detail….have absorbed the attention of this Council You modern humanists , who renounce truths, ought to pay tribute to this Council for at least this and acknowledge our new Humanism. For also, and we more than anyone else are worshipers of man” 

verbatim – there are also archive audio recordings of it to be found online ….

From hence poured forth from that moment the personal conscience and personal interpretation exaltation of the cult of man – celebrated each Sunday in the new Rite Mass with lay people competing to be lecterns ,  if not winning then given second prize to be part of a protestant offertory Procession – or part of a piano, guitar , and choir brought up to the front of the Church to compete with God’s Altar, abandoning the choir lofts, and then culminating in a half dozen 33rd degree people in a protestant distribution of the Chalice (formally condemned my numerous Popes) and their distribution Holy Communion …….representing the culmination of all the teaching of the Council, lex credendi- lex orandi.

What is Francis I but a fulfillment of his predecessors and the mere implementer of their new Catholic religion ” Transcendental Anthropology” – lodge theology, of the ‘fraternal order’ meant to replace Roman Catholicism

Other inventions of what is going on are at base $ opportunism since evil is unequivocally at work everywhere

Reports Indicate That The Financial Markets For Prophesy And Seers To Be Ripe In The Midst Of Church Crisis

 300 “Seers” in Italy Alone – On gloria.tv


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A Defector Pope? – By Chris Ferrara On The Fatima Center

Sedevacantists claim Francis is not the Pope, and he is certainly giving them a lot of grist for their polemical mill.  But sedevacantists claim we have not had a Pope since at least the time of Paul VI if not John XXIII.  They make this claim based on a personal determination that the conciliar and post-conciliar Popes fell from their offices on account of “manifest heresy.” 


On “human brotherhood” Declaration iI Abu Dhabi  Cardinal Müller States “I did not like the praise of the Freemasons for the Pope” – Giuseppe Nardi On EP


What the World is at odds with is absolute Truth

Why Valentine’s Day Is Named After a Saint – by Fr. John Perricone – On Crisis Magazine


The Feast Of The Martyrdom Of  Valentine – February 14th – Suppressed In The New Rite But Kept Alive Intact In The Traditional Calendar

‘Grant, I beseech Thee, O almighty God, that (Name of loved one), who celebrates the heavenly birthday of blessed Valentine, Thy Martyr, may by his intercession be delivered from all the evils that threaten (him/her). Through our Lord Jesus Christ, Thy Son, Who liveth and reigneth with Thee in the unity of the Holy Ghost, one God, world without end.


Hating Valentine’s By Jamie Glasov

The train is never late: as Deborah Weiss demonstrates, every year that Valentine’s comes around, the Muslim world erupts with ferocious rage, with its leaders doing everything in their power to suffocate the festivity that comes with the celebration of private romance. Imams around the world thunder against Valentine’s every year — and the celebration of the day itself is literally outlawed in Islamic states.


For Love of God St. – Valentine’s true love for Truth is forgotten – By Brad Eli On CMTV


TCE Archive

The Catholicity of The Feast of Saint Valentine’s Day


What is really going on ?! Many a journal article below give us perspective

The Heresy Of Religious Liberal Indifference – The New Conciliar Religion The New Bishops Are Preaching

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Open letter to Cardinal Marx urges changes to Church teaching on sexual morality


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Syriac-orthodox deaconesses have no liturgical function. Like in the Catholic Church, any presence of a women in the sanctuary contradicts the liturgy.


Another Bishop was quoted as saying “ Sacrifices Need To Be Made In Order To Accomplish A More Global Goal Of A New Humanism Of Fraternity – Even If That Sacrifice Is Sometimes A Sacrifice of Truth “

Then new religion arrived again yesterday as pro-abortion Activist Democrat John Dingell’s Was Sent To Heaven In A Novus Ordo Version Of A Funeral – White Vested Priests Proclaim A Life Painted as Working for Dignity – On CMTV


The Science of Liturgy , Theology , And Mathematics Are Interwoven With Absolute Truth For The Progressivists In The Hierarchy Subjectivity And Evolving Truth , Not So Much

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Breaking – Then New Don Of St Gallen Is Named

Pope taps Farrell for key role in papal transition despite McCarrick questions

ROME – In what’s likely to be seen as a papal vote of confidence, Pope Francis tapped American Cardinal Kevin Farrell Thursday as the new camerlengo, a position responsible for administering the Vatican after a pope dies or resigns and before a new one is elected, despite question marks about Farrell’s role in the scandals surrounding ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick.


Pope Appoints A Prelate That Was McCarick’s Housemate For Six Years

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Truth Can Never Change And Never Evolves For A New Fraternal Order Or A New Humanism – This  is Grand Orient Lodge Philosophy Pounding The People

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 “Know also this, that, in the last days, shall come dangerous times.” | Fr. Z’s Blog


The March of the Revolution – VI -And It’s Intrervals –  On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

In like progression, errors beget errors, and revolutions prepare the way for revolutions.


Coronation of Charles X as King of France in the Cathedral of Reims, 1825. Painting by François Gérard.

Saint Valentine Rests In Dublin Ireland