The Traditional Family vs. The Secular Political Landscape –

The conciliar Catholic promotion of the completion of the separation of Church and State , the conciliar promotion of liberation theology by all of the conciliar Popes is still underway.. The sympathies with Communism and the continued silence on its condemnation is rife at this time. The Vatican’s acceleration of the conciliar methods debasing and divesting all temporal institutions of its ties to Christendom continues. The dissolution of the traditional Core family is the consequence as immorality goes from Vatican acceptance to total silence on homosexuality. The Church’s assistance with the suppressing of the nobility , the Catholic States, and their theocratic primacy laws was basically criminal . Socialism’s understanding of Property has begun to be promoted by the Church. The history of Monarchies and Catholic aristocracy is being re-written in a negative light by conciliar Catholicism. The understanding of the ultimate form of government , a theocracy , frowned upon by the conciliar Church and a new political narrative is being re-written in a mode of chaos with no final end product in site accept for the acceptance of socialism and communism and the promotion of a new pan-religion concept of Catholicism.  Moreover, the dogma of the Kingship of Christ is not only suppressed , but is never allowed to be discussed in public nor is the debate on the discontinuance of its temporal implementation.  Essentially the dogma of the Kingship of Christ is in the process of being reversed.

As was predicted by Our Lady of Fatima that in the beginning of the end of times it would be the family that would become attacked in the final battle – The current political landscape vs. the traditional family , being played out , reveals this exact situation being substantiated

 The Catholic Understanding Of The Relationship of The State To The Primary Institution Of The Family

Family Affection, a State’s Foundation –  Organic Society – by Plinio Correa de Oliveira

Virtues & Traditions of a Healthy Family by Msgr. Henri Delassus

According to the designs of Divine Providence, progress must develop and grow with age, and thus it is necessary that the human family not be wiped out in each generation. The family bonds must subsist between those who have already passed away and those who are living, weaving together all the descendents of a vigorous dynasty.

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The actions of a King or leader of a Catholic State as follows

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