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We have an ongoing revolution in the hierarchy of the Catholic Church . While still many of the lay people are in denial about its origins and how deep it goes ( every institution and comportment of the Church ) it is none the less ever present. Well meaning people , Priests and lay people, many of which are very Holy, experienced the Novus Ordo for what it was a bland version of Catholicism fused with elements of protestantism and masonic philosophy sought to restore and retain elements of the fading new Rite Church by their own means via restoring to protestant methods which they believe are somehow originating from the early Church, a aka the Neocatechumenal Way and the Charismatic Renewal.  While well-meaning and to some extent a valid reaction to the revelation that something was intrinsically wrong in the new Sacraments They then have no problem jettisoning a millennium or more of Divine revelation of the Church Fathers , and everything our codified religion entails on the distinction between lay people and religious orders and the requisite codified Rites in the west

After having myself been exposed to this movement for over five years and studied it vs. the traditional Roman Catholic Church for 11 + years and read over 1000 books on traditional Catholic Faith and the differences between its’ many approved and unapproved offshoots I have found the former to be a revolution within the Church – It has complete acceptance and is promoted by the post-conciliar hierarchy (which should be the first indication that there is a problem ) The hierarchy accepts ‘charismatica’ because it promotes their bigger agenda of egalitarianism , to promote the democratization of the Church and the fading of the distinctions between the laity and the order of the clergy. It has dozens of Scripture interpretations which I can point to in books, journals and sermons that contradict the exegesis (Scriptural interpretation ) of the Church Fathers.

While a single book containing all of the errors contained within these new movements in comparison to traditional Catholic teaching could never be big enough to contain them all mine is not the job to point them all out in apologia form . I have many friends who , also on the never ending search for the Truth and in search for the Church within the Church these past dozen years have gotten away from this “understanding”, this prism understanding of Catholicism – I have other friends and associates that have remained .

If I were to summarize it , it would in our sinful imperfect way look something like this Firstly the relationship with our Trinitarian Lord of All, our Faith can never be viewed as receiving anything based on emotion . Emotions will come and go with people and hence the turn-over you see in those sects not just to the outside of them but outside the Church – While the people of the tradition Rite Catholic Churches suffer virtually no losses . 95% of the people remain over the years because once one finds the truth , one never lets its go.

Secondly God does not come from “within” while He can be present Body Soul and Divinity within oneself through the Holy Eucharist – God comes from without – He is wholly from “other” . It is not a “relationship” that includes community or within a community or the spirit moving within a Community ….the power to bind , to loosen ,and to heal is not reserved to Holy Orders but to all the lay people that theology is opposed to Roman Catholicism – the living experience of the “community” gathered around a Holy Super of the Lord in the presence of the Holy Ghost it is not. Every structure of Liturgy and Rites has been outlawed in these communities

Coming to “know Him” through the Graces of diligent study and participation in many Sacramental Rites is replaced by the equality of coming to Him via “an experience” ( of emotion)

Thirdly Years ago when trying to organize relic visitation events I was faced with many community leader no’s . In continuing to want to understand why I was finally giving the answer – these people are charismatics they don’t believe in relics they believe they themselves have the power given by God to impart anything a relic might through the laying on of hands and having them “experience” our blessing. This was just one of 1000 other uniqueness items of coming to truly understand that there are two Churches within the Church heading in vastly different directions

We cannot love God unless we know God and we cannot know Him through emotion as it reads in scripture paraphrased here, to the easterner How can I really know Him unless someone teach me of Him – It is through careful study and prayer not with a Community but in Sacrifice The Word of God is Sacred Tradition and Sacred Scripture wedded together and inseparable without damage Sacred Tradition includes the components of Sacred Art and Sacred Music and 2000 years of Papal Magisterium woven throughout and supported by the teaching of the Saints – This is our Faith that we study to know our God not given us through any ‘experience ‘ other than receiving Him and after studying Him and who He is

In summary but my no means even an scratching of the surface or proper introduction to a summary these elements of the new Church partnered with people from different religions with different beliefs are being pushed from high above in the Church with very little acceptance to the remaining orthodox Catholics in the Church. In a Joint Theological Commission of the France and Italy theologians –had a Fr. Gustave Martelet submit the following that was then reviewed and approved by then Cardinal Ratzinger and the many similar works that followed stated that,

“The new Church must become pentecostal and ecumenical The new leaders should be “community leaders” made up of lay men. Every ecclesial authority as the Church understands it today should be outlawed as a mandate. These communities in the next generation will have direct democracy and self-government . These charismatic communities will judge themselves by capital components institutional  equality , rotation of power and total autonomy in categorical rejection of the power of those ‘in the know’”

The Revolution will use the crisis in the Church to further the above as revolutions always unite like different streams of water heading towards center of gravity

Authentic Restoration And Approved Prophesy

The Pope And The Hierarchy Promoting The Revolution

·         The Cardinal That Opened The Permissions For Pentecostal Charismatic Catholicism As Its Primary Advocate – Cdl Suenens: ‘Vatican II ‘Brought an End to the Era of Christendom, the Counter-Reformation, and Vatican I’

  • https://www.traditioninaction.org/ProgressivistDoc/A_026_SuenensCCLRupture.htm
  • Pope Bergoglio Used To Consider Charismatic Gatherings “A School of Samba” On Gloria Tv When he was the Jesuit Provincial in Argentina, Father Bergoglio forbad his conferees to have contact with the Charismatic Renewal, he confessed on Friday to the participants of the plenary meeting of the Pontifical Counsil for the Promotion of Christian Unity. Francis introduced this confession with the words, “I must make a mea culpa”. As a Provincial he believed that Charismatic gatherings were “a school of samba” rather than a prayer meeting. But as a bishop he even attended non Catholic Charismatic gatherings.
  • https://gloria.tv/video/JtNs1KKwWS744XhECMmsMUbox

Digging In To Understand The Theology Of It – Just A Few Books And Journal Articles On The Topic

Then we have the Neo-Catechumens which is another Catholic-protestant off shoot of the Charismatic Renewal which came out of protestantism itself and continues to associate with much of the practices of protestantism and liturgical ecumenism with representatives of multiples of false religions – To a large extent this movement , an offshoot of the Charismatic Catholic movement is an extension of the religion of evangelical Lutheranism – A detailed study of Michael Davies 2nd book on the Lutheran Revolution will show the average person the two dozen similarities

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