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Full list of events surrounding the 2019 March for Life | News | LifeSite


The DC area and also the Renaissance Hotel DC is packed with events begin early Thursday 01/18 and go to through Friday evening 01/19 and much of it traditional

Conferences , Masses , Expo , The Society of Pius X takes the ballroom at 6:00pm Thurs eve for traditional Mass , The Benedictines of OL of Guadalupe take the ballroom Friday morning at 7:30pm – The Anglican Ordinariate (in Communion with Rome) will have a traditional Anglican Rite Mass at Immaculate Conception Wash DC

A protest begins the morning in front of the Planned Parenthood Abortion Mill – Following the rally and the March up Constitution Avenue to Ruth’s office to say goodbye to her staff – a traditional high Mass at Mary Mother of God at 4:00pm

VP Mike Pence will then give an address at the closing Rose Dinner at this year’s March for Life | News | LifeSite https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/breaking-vp-mike-pence-to-address-rose-dinner-at-this-years-march-for-life

Additional traditional apostolates Although Holy Innocents NYC bus is full as is Saint Anthony of Padua W Orange ICKP and many of the buses in NJ are also full please check the Lifenet web site for bus captain contacts and you will find some seats – Come join us and make history for what could be the last National March For Life in US History Buses to the 2019 March for Life – LIFENET Education http://www.lifeneteducation.org/buses-to-the-2019-march-for-life/

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National March is preceded by National Protest: how and why? | LifeSite

Father Frank Pavone The  day before March for Life this Thursday, we will gather again. As we gather, we recall that Planned Parenthood is an evil and corrupt organization, first and foremost because it kills babies. It also sells their body parts. Planned Parenthood likewise deliberately skirts its obligation to report suspected child sexual abuse. It works to elect pro-abortion politicians. And it is currently under multiple investigations.

When we protest this Thursday, moreover, we are not only standing against Planned Parenthood. We’re standing against the entire abortion industry, which is much bigger. Planned Parenthood commits about one-third of the abortions in America. The other two-thirds occur in killing centers, doctors’ offices and hospitals that are not affiliated with Planned Parenthood but that are just as corrupt. We come to stand against it all and urge that all the killing stop, no matter who is doing it.


6,000 unite at Chicago March for Life, dwarfing pro-abortion counter-protest | News | LifeSite


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The Leviathan


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King Ceolwulp His unfitness for his duties as king prompted his subjects to seize him and confine him in a monastery in the second year of his reign.

The ruins of Lindisfarne Priory, by Thomas Girtin, 1798  T.homas_Girtin_Lindisfarne_1798