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And Here It Comes …..The Corrupt Can Always Be Traced to Corruption

Damage Control and The New Apparatchiks At the Vatican Press Office- On gloria tv

Pope Francis Leaves Wuerl In Power As He Continues To Massively Corrupt

Opposition Grows To Pope Francis Change To The Lord’s Prayer

The Culmination Of The Council Comes To A Pinnacle In The Francis Papacy – The Revolution Is On

  • 50 YEARS LATER: An Everyman Reflection on the Revolution of Vatican II – On The Remnant Newspaper –
  • https://remnantnewspaper.com/web/index.php/articles/item/4292-50-years-later-an-everyman-reflection-on-the-revolution-of-vatican-ii
  • R.R. Reno, the editor of First Things, declaring the pontificate of Pope Francis a “failure” (“A Failing Papacy”, Feb. 2019 issue), is both newsworthy and more importantly the beginning, we hope, of an intellectual examination of the present papacy that will result in an honest assessment of the present papacy and, one further hopes, a call for an end to the hyper-papalism of the past years—perhaps even over a century–, and a theological reassessment, based on the Tradition of the Church, of the nature and role of the papacy. Rorate reports
  • However – Reno betrays his neo-con position with the following one of the key theological revolutionaries of the Council, Karl Rahner – virtually the father of the Conciliar revolution he says
    Rahner was not a heretic. = Reno

    I’ve read a lot of Karl Rahner and learned a great deal. He opens up the logic of doctrine, often with exquisite dexterity.  =Reno

    Yeah ok ……in-between his dozens of heretical proclamations and his suppression and relativising of every Catholic doctrine and dogma known to man. Now you know why we rarely post things from First Things, even when the revelation of reality comes its still wrong

  • https://rorate-caeli.blogspot.com/2019/01/influential-editorial-declares-francis.html

Noble And Analogous Elites In The News Of The Day

Ven. Anne de Guigné