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Questioning Francis’s Support of Islam and Unrestricted Immigration – TFP


Pope Francis, Indifferentism, and Islamization —On Catholic Family News

In short, Pope Francis has acted as an advocate for Islam. He has portrayed it as a religion of peace, the moral equivalent of Catholicism, and a force for good. A number of people, however, now feel that the pope has seriously misled Christians about the nature and goals of Islam and Islamic immigration.


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The Pope Francis “Travel Ban” – Hint: It doesn’t apply to Muslims. – Fatima Center


Morocco: Muslims who murdered Scandinavian girls spared British tourist right before because he said he was Muslim – On Robert Spencer’s Site


Archbishop Agrelo: “Migrant Camps Are Concentration Camps” (Part Two) – On Robert Spencer’s Site

This refusal by Archbishop Agrelo to ignore the observable effect so far of tens of millions of Muslims already let into Europe, and his choosing instead to cruelly demonize Europeans who want only to be able to vet those attempting to enter their countries, their homes, is deplorable, though given the example of the Pope, not surprising. Pope Francis has gone from bad to worse — for what could be worse than comparing “populists” (that is, those Europeans who have read enough, studied enough, and observed enough, to become wary of more Muslim migrants) to Adolf Hitler? Pope Francis has been Pope for five years; he is 81; for many, his retirement can’t come fast enough. As for Archbishop Agrelo, perhaps he should concentrate more on the well-being of his own Believers in the archdiocese of Tangiers (Dioecesis Tingitanus), rather than warning about non-existent “concentration camps” being set up for migrants. As Christians in a Muslim sea, in partibus infidelium, his tiny flock of brave Christians — 2,500 of them — in Tangiers will no doubt continue to need his protection for as long as they are allowed to subsist.


Vatican Creates Syncretistic Logo With Muslim Crescent Moon – On gloria.tv


Cardinal Parolin Propagates Mass-Immigration in Book Sponsored By Angela Merkel’s Party – On gloria.tv


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Nearly 200% Increase in Rapes in Denmark Linked to Migrant Influx – 2017 Archive Statistics – Originating From Islam  On CMTV


Catholic Dreamers’ Failed Dialogue with Islam | On New Oxford Review

Fr. Gallez says Western theologians have failed to understand Islam for what it is: a post-Christian messianic enterprise for the salvation of the world. Instead, they have transformed it into another means of salvation and blocked all historical research that might interfere with their view.


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A Landmark Federal Ruling Overturns New Jersey On Another ( Jihad Incubator ) Mosque


Germany to curb mosque funding from Gulf states | DW | Made For Minds |News |


Chaldean Catholic patriarchate says it cannot supply priests for ‘diaspora’ communities : News Headlines | On Catholic Culture.org


IDEO: ISIS-affiliated militants destroy church in Philippines | On CatholicHerald.co.uk


The formality of Islamabad’s Declaration to ‘defeat extremism’ widely considered a public proclamation of pandering and patronizing to qualify for United Nations funds –

Pakistan: 500 Muslim Leaders Sign Islamabad Declaration – On ZENIT 


Italian Archbishop: In 10 Years We Will All Be Muslims –On OnePeterFive


Why Acceptance of Islam is Leading to the Suicide of the West – TFP


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Catholic Teaching From The Popes And The Saints From The Eternal Magisterium Of The Church On Islam –On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites

Pope Urban II preaching the Crusade at the Council of Clermont

From a commentary on the Gospel of John by Saint Cyril of Alexandria, bishop On the Relationship Of The Holy Ghost To MankindIn a plan of surpassing beauty, the Creator of the universe decreed the renewal of all things in Christ. In his design for restoring human nature to its original condition, he gave a promise that he would pour out on it the Holy Spirit along with his other gifts, for otherwise our nature could not enter once more into the peaceful and secure possession of those gifts.

He therefore appointed a time for the Holy Spirit to come upon us: this was the time of Christ’s coming. He gave this promise when he said: In those days, that is, the days of the Savior, I will pour out a share of my Spirit on all mankind.

When the time came for this great act of unforced generosity, which revealed in our midst the only-begotten Son, clothed with flesh on this earth, a man born of woman, in accordance with Holy Scripture, God the Father gave the Spirit once again. Christ, as the first-fruits of our restored nature, was the first to receive the Spirit. John the Baptist bore witness to this when he said: I saw the Spirit coming down from heaven, and it rested on him.

Christ “received the Spirit” in so far as he was man, and in so far as man could receive the Spirit. He did so in such a way that, though he is the Son of God the Father, begotten of his substance, even before the incarnation, indeed before all ages, yet he was not offended at hearing the Father say to him after he had become man: You are my son; today I have begotten you.

The Father says of Christ, who was God, begotten of him before the ages, that he has been “begotten today,” for the Father is to accept us in Christ as his adopted children. The whole of our nature is present in Christ, in so far as he is man. So the Father can be said to give the Spirit again to the Son, though the Son possesses the Spirit as his own, in order that we may receive the Spirit in Christ. The Son therefore took to himself the seed of Abraham, as Scripture says, and became like his brothers in all things.

The only-begotten Son receives the Spirit, but not for his own advantage, for the Spirit is his, and is given in him and through him, as we have already said. He receives it to renew our nature in its entirety and to make it whole again, for in becoming man he took our entire nature to himself. If we reason correctly, and use also the testimony of Scripture, we can see that Christ did not receive the Spirit for himself, but rather for us in him, for it is also through Christ that all gifts come down to us.