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  • Apologetics –                                                                                                               Men to the defense of Christendom – the revolutions continue into western society through Conciliar Catholic hierarchy – We’ve moved past ecumenism , past reiterating our Lady’s unfilled consecration of Russia and into the devolution and dismantling of the dogma of the Kingship of Christ. We are past false ecumenism and the loss of the true faith of the highest prelates and into syncretism of gnostic , post masonic , progressivism , towards the full redefinition of the Christ and the Body of Christ into an man’s androgynous creation – They are no longer attempting to merge just heaven and hell but man and women within Christ in a one world religion – We will see in our life time the ascendency of the transgendered to an unprecedented level of UN and world leadership , towards worship of “it” as a higher being . It represents the one world religion movement in the highest echelons of the Church that today feels compelled to abolish doctrine , dogma , and tradition . In their new pastoral praxis Catholicism their veiled world-wide return to paganism involves the joining together of opposites . Jesus Christ, the divine-godman becomes also a woman the war of oneism and twosim is upon us – against traditional Catholic belief Christ visits the hell of the damned and joins Dismas the good thief together with Gestas Dumachus the bad thief and continues to “become” in order that we might all continue forever to “become” something else in this panentheism
  • Our highest level prelates are neither dumb, nor naive but cold, calculating and in an established self-destruction of the old religion a systematic process in order to build this new religion before our very eyes and no less have us serve “it” in the revolution or be executed as traitors to the revolution

So we are surrounded with the necessity of apologetics , awakening men to return to the days of militant Catholicism, real men that are unafraid to express their  that are nauseated condition of being surrounded by weak-kneed Priests entrenched in mediocrity Awake to the the necessity of fighting the revolution in every form in which it rears its head – revolution , even in this form where the chastisement has begun

  • Blow the horn and awake the men , hell is filled with the supposedly good people, it’s time for us to turn to the battlefield that we all must die on to enter heaven
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  • These courageous voices remain isolated even until today. The climate of indifference and cover-up which reigns within the Church has profound moral and doctrinal roots that date back to the Second Vatican Council, when the ecclesiastical hierarchies accepted the process of secularization as an irreversible phenomenon. But when the Church subordinates herself to secularism, the Kingdom of Christ becomes conformed to this world and is reduced to a mere power structure. The militant spirit dissipates, and the Church, instead of converting the world to the law of the Gospel, surrenders the Gospel to the world’s demands.

Today, we are also few in number, without the material forces provided by the political, economic and media powers of the modern world. We are mortally wounded by our sins, isolated and treated like lepers for our fidelity to Tradition. And yet, if we have the courage to resist, not to retreat, and to attack the advancing enemy, like the barking dogs spoken of by the medieval chronicler, the victory will be ours, because our love for the Church and Christian civilization is stronger than death. And as the Canticle of Canticles says: “many waters cannot quench love, neither can the floods drown it.” (Canticle of Canticles 8: 6-7)

For this reason, we do not want to return to the catacombs. Today, the standard of Constantine, like the standards of the Crusades and of Lepanto, is not the banner of an armed war, but the symbol of an attitude of spirit. It is the disposition of soul of he who is convinced that, as Saint Pius X said: “the civilization of the world is Christian civilization; the more frankly Christian it is, so much is it more true, more lasting, and more productive of precious fruit,”] it is the disposition of soul of he who is convinced that Christian civilization is not a dream of the past, but is the response to the crisis of a decomposing world: it is the reign of Jesus and Mary in souls and in society which Our Lady foretold at Fatima, and for which we continue to fight every day with confidence and courage.

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