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A third news agency confirms Pope Francis Christmas message denying the Immaculate Conception

Pope suggests Our Lady wasn’t born a ‘saint’, Portuguese bishop downplays her virginity | News | LifeSite


Commenting on the Assertion By Pope Francis That Trying to Convert Others Is ‘Nonsense’ – On The Society For The Defense Of Tradition Family And Property


Vatican Press Office Director ( American born Greg Burke ) and 2nd in Command Vatican spokesperson resign on New Year’s eve declaring this Papal administration untenable and a management of a train schedule of scandals most of them derived from within the Vatican – Rather than have ther whole carrers be affiliated and tarnished with this scandal ridden Papacy that mostly all Catholics pray for daily , many say they made the

Vatican Spokesman Quits After Shake-Up – On CMTV


The Vatican has an embargo of all news on China’s move to crush all freedom of religion since 2017 and its beginning of its persecution and torturing that began against the underground Church in China since Pope Francis abandoned them

Over 45 Chinese journalists have been leaking news on what is really going on with the Chinese Catholic Church , the protestants that support the remaining Catholics , the underground house Churches and Chapels, the reports on the egregious human rights violations & forced abortions …all to what has been a good web site called “Bitter Winter”

House Churches Shuttered in Northeastern China | Bitter Winter


Christmas Behind Bars In China, For the Martyrs of the Free Press – Magister On Settimo Cielo – L’Espresso


Pope Francis Greets Leonardo Boff At The Vatican The Week Before Christmas

Leonardo Boff is one of the stars of Liberation Theology. After a censure by Card. Joseph Ratzinger, he was dismissed from the Franciscan Order in which he was a priest. Boff never denied his communist ideas and continued to preach them with the support of the Brazilian Cardinals and the Conference of Brazilian Bishops.


The Pope also announced his plans to abolish Ecclesia Dei and place the Traditional Orders of the world under the Jesuit CDF . Predictions abound including the calls to SSPX to prepare to receive millions of traditional Catholics by 2020 if the remnant in the Church that is Ecclesia Dei is infiltrated

Ecclesia Dei Commission for the Latin Mass to be extinguished? On Rorate Caeli


Vatican Covers for Latest Heretic to Join Wrecked Pontifical Academy “for Life” -On The  Fatima Center


Pope Francis on Christmas: Salvation Comes through Love and Respect for Humanity? – Fatima Center


DC Area Catholics Outraged As The Cover-up Abuse Cardinal Dares To Celebrate The Main Christmas Mass

Cardinal Wuerl, despite stepping down due to abuse scandal, presides over grand Basilica Christmas Mass | TribLIVE


Catholics Outraged by Cardinal Wuerl’s Presence at March for Life Rally – On CMTV


The errors of Russia spread as Moscow patriarch threatens to divide all the Eastern Orthodox , gives ultimatum to Constantinople “Reverse decision or ‘ecumenical patriarch of all’ role ends” –

Sound like Protestantism ?

RUSSIA-UKRAINE Kirill: Bartholomew no longer the ecumenical patriarch of all Orthodoxy- On Asia News


Vatican II Collegiality is implemented in Salt Lake City as SL City Bishop Oscar Solis abolishes January 1st Holy Day of Obligation declaring it up to each Bishop and Diocese to make decisions for its people

– Sound like Protestantism ?


In The New Rite It Was The Mother Of God Feast While The Time Honored January 1st Feast of The Circumcision Of The Lord in the fulfillment of the law and its relationship to the Holy Name of Jesus

The Circumcision of Our Lord – Feastday of January 1st


The Twelve Days Of Christmas Continue

 Guest Article: The Octave and the Twelve Days of Christmas – On Novus Motus Liturgicus


St. Macarius of Alexandria, hermit – Saint January 2


Thebaid hermits – Fresco, 16th c., anonymous, Colonial Mexican