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Cdl. Burke: ‘Synodality’ suggests some kind of ‘new church’ where pope’s authority is destroyed | News | LifeSite


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A Remnant TV ‘Guest Sermon’. In this comprehensive sermon, a diocesan priest–the former Anglican priest ordained to the Catholic diaconate and priesthood in 2015, Father Vaugh Treco–reveals to his congregation that he can no longer be silent in the face of the revolution that was Vatican II, now reaching its zenith with the pontificate of Pope Francis. Father Treco is calling for a complete and full return to Tradition, along with a public proclamation of the Kingship of Jesus Christ. Father Treco is the first priest to be ordained in the archdiocese of St. Paul/Minneapolis for the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter, established by Pope Benedict XVI in 2012. For more on this, visit The Remnant newspaper


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Progressivism Advances With New Double –Speak /New-Speak In Conjunction With Its Program And Self Destruction Renewal

Closing churches, losing faithful? Don’t be anxious, the Pope says | Catholic Culture


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Clerical Machiavellians with Magical Beliefs — On Catholic Family News

Do these “reformers” seek to destroy the Church? Perhaps some do. But it’s quite likely that others seek only to renovate it in order to make it a more comfortable place for themselves and others. The irony is that, in trying to make the Church palatable to everyone’s tastes, they only make it more irrelevant



Saint Osmund, founder of the Cathedral system of Church governance – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites


On The Feast Of Santa Nicholas

Facebook unblocks image of Santa kneeling before Baby Jesus after LifeSite report goes viral | News | LifeSite


In the commonly used medieval Office of St Nicholas, the ninth responsory includes a fairly short prose, as heard in the following recording. Below is a longer version, in which part of the responsory is repeated several times, extending it to over 13 minutes.

Ex eius tumba – Catervatim (Responsorium) / Sospitati dedit egros (Prosa) – YouTube


Reference The Feast of St Nicholas 2018 – On Novus Motus Liturgicus


St. Nicholas, Santa Claus, saint of December 6 -By Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira On TIA


The secret forces in France transformed the traditional St. Nicholas into the secular figure of Père Noel, right


From the book of the prophet Isaiah  16:1-5; 17:4-8

Send them forth, hugging the earth like reptiles, from Sela across the desert, to the mount of daughter Zion. Like flushed birds, like startled nestlings, Are the daughters of Moab at the fords of the Arnon.

Offer counsel, take their part: at high noon let your shadow be like the night, To hide the outcasts, to conceal the fugitives. Let the outcasts of Moab live with you, be their shelter from the destroyer.

When the struggle is ended, the ruin complete, and they have done with trampling the land, A throne shall be set up in mercy, and on it shall sit in fidelity [in David’s tent] A judge upholding right and prompt to do justice.

On that day The glory of Jacob shall fade, and his full body grow thin, Like the reaper’s mere armful of stalks when he gathers the standing grain; Or as when one gleans the ears in the Valley of Rephaim. Only a scattering of grapes shall be left! As when an olive tree has been beaten, Two or three olives remain at the very top, four or five on its fruitful branches, says the Lord, the God of Israel.

On that day man shall look to his maker, his eyes turned toward the Holy One of Israel. He shall not look to the altars, his handiwork, nor shall he regard what his fingers have made: the sacred poles or the incense stands.

From a commentary on the Diatessaron by Saint Ephrem, deacon

To prevent his disciples from asking the time of his coming, Christ said: About that hour no one knows, neither the angels nor the Son. It is not for you to know times or moments. He has kept those things hidden so that we may keep watch, each of us thinking that he will come in our own day. If he had revealed the time of his coming, his coming would have lost its savor: it would no longer be an object of yearning for the nations and the age in which it will be revealed. He promised that he would come but did not say when he would come, and so all generations and ages await him eagerly.

Though the Lord has established the signs of his coming, the time of their fulfillment has not been plainly revealed. These signs have come and gone with a multiplicity of change; more than that, they are still present. His final coming is like his first. As holy men and prophets waited for him, thinking that he would reveal himself in their own day, so today each of the faithful longs to welcome him in his own day, because Christ has not made plain the day of his coming.

He has not made it plain for this reason especially, that no one may think that he whose power and dominion rule all numbers and times is ruled by fate and time. He described the signs of his coming; how could what he has himself decided be hidden from him? Therefore, he used these words to increase respect for the signs of his coming, so that from that day forward all generations and ages might think that he would come again in their own day.

Keep watch; when the body is asleep nature takes control of us, and what is done is not done by our will but by force, by the impulse of nature. When deep listlessness takes possession of the soul, for example, faint-heartedness or melancholy, the enemy overpowers it and makes it do what it does not will. The force of nature, the enemy of the soul, is in control.

When the Lord commanded us to be vigilant, he meant vigilance in both parts of man: in the body, against the tendency to sleep; in the soul, against lethargy and timidity. As Scripture says: Wake up, you just, and I have risen, and am still with you; and again, Do not lose heart. Therefore, having this ministry, we do not lose heart.