The support and promotion of the culture of death is seen everywhere both within Society and within many sectors of the Holy Catholic Church . It is paired with the next phase of the revolution.

The stages of the revolution began with the protestant revolution that sought personal gain through personal interpretation of Scripture and authority which included deposing of the theocratic monarchies . This was followed by the enlightenment’s resurgence of paganism, naturalism, and freemasonry that saw highlights from the French revolution onward. Out of these philosophies emerged the communist revolution that saw its various forms of socialism run abroad with personal property & that of the Church abrogated in many places , then the sexual revolution that began in the 1960s and continues. All of rolls-up into the current revolution of progressive modernism which supports the elements of the culture of death and infiltrates the Church , in which, we are currently experiencing a rapid convergence of.

The culture of death can be found within the promotion of all of the following : contraception, abortion, pharmaceutical abortion, eugenics, euthanasia (a fancy word for murdering yourself with accomplices ) , homosexuality, lesbianism, transvestite //transgender variations , communism , socialism, protestantism, paganism, various forms of anti-trinitarianism, arians, adventists, jehovahs, buddhists, and most especially islamic mohammedanism

They are also basically the same thing = variations on the culture of death , they share resources , politically , financially, and spiritually , and in a myriad of ways are converging for the soul purposes of dethroning Christ on its way to their proposal to attempt to make their version of man a god



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