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          The Divine Messages which is the Book the prophet Daniel was told to shut up and not publish. It is the scroll that Saint John the Apostle was told to eat which was sweet to the mouth but bitter to his stomach which he too was instructed not to write down. We are in the time of the end and just as Holy Scripture tells us, many simply do not have the eyes nor the ears to see or hear. Our Lord Jesus has established His Holy Remnant Army and has blessed us with Holy Divine Discernment, Perseverance, Knowledge, Understanding, Wisdom, Strength, Piety and so many more Divine Gifts in order that we lead and reach the four corners of this Earth with His Final Words to this world before the prophecised Warning, Miracle, 3 Days of Darkness and finally His Second Coming. As in the days that Jesus walked this earth, there are many modern day Pharisees who work against Jesus’s Final Mission and who slander and degrade His chosen Prophet of our time. Yes, there are many false prophets arising but with the Divine gift of Discernment that God Our Father through Jesus Christ has Blessed us with we are able to distinguish who are false. Maria Divine Mercy IS the Final Prophet. The man now seated on the Seat of Peter IS the prophecised False Prophet in the Book of Revelations and he is leading the global flock to damnation which is why this Holy Remnant Army WILL NEVER STOP fighting for the souls of our brothers and sisters. Everything happening in the world NOW has been told to us years ago by Jesus, by God Our Father and by the Blessed Mother. It’s like ticking off the boxes as we witness this all unfolding before our very eyes. Its’ alarming to say the least but we are indeed in the time of the end and we Trust Jesus and Follow ONLY Jesus for Jesus IS the Church. He is the Cornerstone and God Our Father is the Foundation.
As we witness Mr. Bergoglio the False Prophet Dismantling the Holy Catholic Church with the help of his cohorts who are within the walls of the Vatican and outside the walls of the Vatican, who are all Free Masons whose only goal is to destroy Christianity and the Catholic Church… we bleed in our hearts, we cry tears from our hearts that cover our souls, who we really are. But we stand firmly rooted in Jesus Christ and we fight for the preservation of the Catholic Church and the teachings of God Our Father and Jesus Christ in order to save souls. We were born into this particular generation for one reason and one reason only and that is to help Our Father in Heaven through Jesus Christ to SAVE SOULS. We will NEVER give up. We will NEVER follow the False Prophet. We will ALWAYS pray for our True and Only and Final Pope, Pope Benedict who was ousted by this demonic group within the Church through a very evil plan they devised on March 17, 2011 to get him out of their way so they could place the false prophet on the Seat of Peter who will in turn hand the Seat of Peter over to the literal son of satan, the Antichrist who is now being prepared to take the global stage. The False Prophet will lead millions to accept this beast. Our Father in Heaven does not want to lose even one but He knows He will. He has written Prayers and Litanies that we are praying daily, which is supplication to Him for the many sins in this world and for the Salvation of Souls. The Warning is a great gift from God, for without it very few will ever enter the Heavenly Kingdom. Jesus is clear that NO ONE, not even Him, knows the exact hour or date of the Warning or His Second Coming, that Only God Our Father knows this but we are to accept, understand and prepare because ALL of this is happening in OUR LIFETIMES. We are the chosen generation. For now the laity, the Holy Remnant are leading this mission with Jesus as our Commander in Chief… but Jesus is clear that Soon, His Sacred Servants, His Priests who will not betray Him, will take the lead. Until this happens which will probably be after the Warning.. we the laity, the Holy Remnant will continue on the front lines of this Holy War for souls and we fight with every fiber in us. We take the hits, the persecution, the slander, the accusations, the lies, the name calling and we carry the cross with dignity as Our Mother of Salvation has instructed us and we march forward to victory with Jesus, with as many souls in tow as possible.

November 8 2010-2017 7th Anniversary of the Mission of Salvation and the Book of Truth

The Book of Truth is mentioned in Daniel 10:21. This is where a mysterious Book of Truth is referred to. Gabriel explains to Daniel that everything that has been revealed to him about the future and the end times is to be found in the Book of Truth. Daniel is told to seal it up as it is to be left to another time called “The Time Of The End.”

The Book of Truth, in 5 volumes so far, has been given to the world at this time in history through Maria Divine Mercy from the Holy Trinity and Mary, Mother of Salvation. It is about the Mission of Salvation for all souls in preparation for what is known as The Warning/The Illumination of Conscience/The Great Mercy/The Great Confession and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. The Book of Truth is meant for this present generation.