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In today’s perspectives

The Feast of St Luke has a dbl 1st class sung Mass at 6:00pm at Holy Innocents NYC and the 54 Day Novena
At Ave Maria University the Alumni Associations have successfully forced Pres Jim Towey to resign following his harsh criticism of Acb Vigano and his Eminence Cdl Raymond Burke saying “If our identity is not an orthodox alternative to the  modernism majority then who are we now ?”
On the weekend of Nov 16th at Malvern PA retreat house there is to be a traditional weekend retreat led by Cardinal Raymond Burke for 300 men sponsored by the Knights of The Immaculate which immediately sold out BUT as of yesterday they informed me via phone to share with readers they are opening over a dozen seats on wait list and there is always approximately 5% cancellations on retreats due to family issues  -Knights Of The Immaculata – Malvern Retreat House : Malvern Retreat House https://www.malvernretreat.com/events/knights-of-the-immaculata-2/

On the left coast, Bishop McElroy defended one of his male employees that married a man with additional dissidence saying “He can marry whoever he wants”
The Archdiocese of Wash DC used faithful Catholics money from the Bishops annual appeal fund to run video ads on CNN defending the Arch-heretic Cdl Wuerl.
The final Synod Document, pre-written and leaked, will attempt to normalize the mortal sins of sodomy.Theologians & Catholic sociologists are saying that with 1/3 of the Church since the Council ( people and property) gone , this will further divide the Church and empty the next 1/3 of the Church and leaving no resources remaining to defend against the enveloping of islam. Despite the fact that dozens of novus ordo dioceses and orders in the west have not had a single vocation in years, there are very good apostolates to divert donations to….”the traditional ones” . These traditional orders are bursting with vocations  & waiting lists and needing assistance with rapid construction expansion as traditional Benedictine orders are showing multiple restorations. Most are familiar with Mary Queen Of The Apostles, which was originally attached to FSSP in Scranton PA but due a flood of vocations became a priory & subsequently moved to Gower, MO. This past September, as you may recall they were raised to an Abbey have dozens of nuns and a waiting list. Then in Oklahoma, Clear Creek Abbey is in its 17th year now with over 50 monks & 6 priests , multiple buildings, in need of phased construction funding, can now be seen from satellite photos . Send THEM your $ tithing. There is also a thriving order of traditional Benedictine Monks in  New Mexico.

Additionally if folks are looking for solid ground floor start-ups to become benefactors and part of the generational surviving remnant there are several . The Harrisburg, PA Hermitage was consecrated by a  PA Bishop this summer and has its first six men.

Aware that Ave Maria U is conservative Catholic and not specifically ‘traditional’ Catholic ( with a reform of the reform liturgy that ‘pseudo’ combines the two ) cognizant of the vast differences between the two Florida is looking to rival all the traditional apostolates that have taken over the Catholicity of Missouri. A new traditional Catholic college in Florida launching is set and non for profit fund raising is asking for help Collegium Sanctorum Angelorum as seen below

Roman Catholicism

The Other Church


Revolution In Society

St. Luke the Evangelist, Saint of October 18 – By Professor Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira


St. Luke painting the Blessed Virgin