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Jersey City Catholic Education In The News

Catholic school fires teacher after she handed out famed evangelist’s letter on clergy abuse crisis | News | LifeSite


Saint Dominic’s Academy , Jersey City – is situated between Hudson Catholic (formerly an all boys High School ) and Saint Peters College . It was sadly and formerly an orthodox Catholic girls HS run by Dominican Sisters.

Teachers are now forbidden by the Dean of Students to use the term “Father” when speaking of God. Instead, she was told that in-class prayers should be addressed to the “Creator” because “Father” is “too masculine” and God shouldn’t be portrayed that way.

Teachers are  forbidden to make available the Sacrament of Penance for their students, as well as being prohibited from presenting authentic Church teaching about homosexuality even in religion classes, and are instead instructed to be “tolerant.”

And all this over a well written, well balanced open letter of Ralph Martin’s she shared with the students. Ralph Martin is not even a traditionalist , he’s merely conservative.

How very tragic and sad -the radical liberals have overtaken Catholic institutions with a strange new religion

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New Church, New Faith, New Pope – OnePeterFive

That assessment was too narrow. As Ross Douthat shows in his book, To Change the Church, Francis is not only changing the Papacy, but also changing Catholicism itself.

We now see why Pope Benedict XVI resigned. In early 2013, Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio was already 76 years old. He had been identified by certain cardinals as the right man for the job, but if he needed five years to get the job done, time was running out. Benedict was (and is) still alive. Benedict needed to be forced out. Someday, the full story how they did it will come out.

We can also see why the Vatican not only commemorated, but celebrated the riforma protestante in 2017. Francis, the Great Reformer, needed to be seen as following in the footsteps of the last great reformer.


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Why is St. Gerard Majella invoked by thousands as “The Mother’s Saint”? It appears strange that a man, and a religious lay brother at that, should be so acclaimed. It might seem that a married woman, who had been blessed with the privilege of motherhood, would be chosen by Divine providence for this office.

However, the fact is that the countless favours and prodigies obtained for mothers and their children through the intercession of St. Gerard seem to suggest the role selected for him. Although the Church has not officially proclaimed him the patron of mothers, it is hoped that one day she may do so. During his life he helped mothers in need; since his death, in 1755, there has been a continuous flow of extraordinary favours granted to mothers who prayed to him; today there are millions who look to him for help in obtaining the blessing of motherhood and in the difficulties attendant on motherhood.


October 16 – Apostle of the Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus – Saint Margret Mary Alacoque – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites


On the occasion of the The 101st Anniversary of the Militia Immaculatae –October 16th –  By The Militia Immaculatae Of The Traditional Observance



The Feast Of Saint Gerard Majella at the National Shrine Of Saint Gerard At Saint Lucy’s Newark, NJ