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Slavery in Modern Clothing in Orwell’s 1984 – Crisis Magazine

In this excellently written piece the reader can naturally see the ‘Big Brother Of 1984’,  ‘The Novus Ordo’  , And Vatican II As Synonymous

Orwell portrays a politically correct social order that robs human beings of dignity, political rights under the law, freedom of thought and religion, a culture of the arts, and the right to marry and found a family. Political correctness is the closing of the human mind to common sense, self-evident truth, moral law, and the wisdom of tradition


Oppositions – On Novus Motus Liturgicus

To the cult of man who has made himself God, the Church opposes the cult of God-made-man. To the absence of God in the world, the Church opposes His Real Presence on the altar.To the banality and sterility of evil, the Church opposes the wondrous life-giving Cross.To the sacrificial machinery of liberalism, the Church opposes the one liberating Sacrifice of Calvary


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TCE Archive From March 2018

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Saint Teresa Of Avila

Saint Teresa Of Avila And Saint John Of The Cross At The Feet Of Our Lady & Our Savior