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 In a detailed explanation of the current crisis and a  road map forward , a prophetic book written back in 2004 by Theologian and Author Atila Sinke Guimaraes – On Vatican II , Homosexuality, and Pedophilia  with detailed explanations on how the three are closely interwoven

The book opens with

“How is it possible that the Vatican remains silent regarding homosexuality and pedophilia in the Catholic clergy? In the United States it is common to link the impunity of these priests to the cover-up of the Bishops. But why were such Bishops in turn not punished or at least strongly censured? Why are many homosexual and pedophile priests being chosen to be become Bishops? Certainly, with such attitudes the Vatican promotes these vices. What is the explanation?

In this book Guimarães offers two reasons:

First, Vatican Council II introduced a new morals in the Catholic Church. This new morality is meant to adapt itself to modern psychological theories that presume sexual desires should not be repressed.

Second, homosexuality and pedophilia infiltrated such high positions in the Catholic Hierarchy that for the present-day Vatican to punish the guilty parties would be tantamount to gravely damaging itself.

These are causes many Catholic suspect, but only few have the courage to express. This book constitutes a noble denunciation made for the love of the Catholic Church, and turned toward Our Lord asking Him to heal her.

The work is also a valuable resource tool, presenting Catholic teaching on homosexuality with quotes from Scriptures, Popes, Saints and Canon Law.”


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Body Of Christ Marjore

Photo Credits to Matt Cashore

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The former See of the last reigning consolidated Catholic Monarchy of Eastern and Western Europe and the Habsburgs , prior to the Masonic initiation of WWI to initiate a new order and upstage Catholicism’s international reign

Does this honestly look like anything that resembles Roman Catholicism, this is a 30 second live synopsis on the fall of the west


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The headlines in the September 7 issue of L’Osservatore Romano presented the pope’s Letter on the World’s Day of Prayer for Creation. The Letter is about access “to clean water.” The ancient Romans were famous for building aqueducts to bring water into cities. If anyone lacks water today, it is not because we do not know how to purify and distribute water resources. It is almost entirely due to economic and political choices. The technical means or know-how for providing water is not a major theological concern of Christianity as such. Christ walked on water, turned water into wine, helped a woman at a well draw it up, and was baptized with it in the Jordan. He never designed a dam to provide water for Nazareth or Jerusalem. He evidently assumed that men could eventually figure this task out without the need of revelation.

A pope can mention the problem of water availability or other such issues, but his is not the task to provide technical solutions even if he had a doctorate in water engineering. One can question whether the pope’s views of economics and politics that tend toward socialism encourage a system that easily provides water on a large-scale basis. Many people of good will wonder why, if the pope can talk of clean water, he cannot talk about his own record or what he holds on issues that certainly do fall within his competency. These latter issues are what perplex people and which give impetus to the reportage of Der Spiegel.


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Well this is where Your Excellencies have to step up and accept responsibility. Whether it was from poor formation, or neglect, or cowardice or concern for your career, you are responsible for this — all of it.

You defied the Vatican and kept allowing homosexual men into seminary. You looked the other way when it was obvious the priesthood in the United States was converting into a gay profession, as The New York Times called it. You gave a slap on the limp wrist to various priests you knew were homosexually active in your dioceses.


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