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“That’s Not Who We Are Anymore”: Pre- and Post-Conciliar Catholicism Are Not the Same Religion – On OnePeterFive


Conciliar Catholicism has no action in its Faith – It proclaims that there is nothing you can do but pray – It is akin to denominationalism When nothing could be further from the Truth . The Prince of this world is from below and he could only hope that would be our mantra . Sacred Scripture tells us otherwise – It says Faith without works is dead. Saint James in his 2nd book goes further to say, “You say you have Faith and this is good but I by my works will show you my Faith”

In Sacred Tradition our stellar examples are many

Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira: Man of Faith and Action – The American TFP


But where we have arrived is that there are two Churches within the Catholic Church one that speaks like this , teaches heresy , and follows not the Office of Peter but the specific person of this Pope

Pope Mandates Illegitimate Birth of Children? On CMTV

‘The priest has an obligation to block’ Church weddings of pregnant women


Father Spadaro’s latest conspiracy theory | Catholic Culture


And one that speaks like this and is preparing like St Thomas More and St John Fisher to be martyred if that is what our Lord mandates for the restoration of our infiltrated Holy Catholic Church

Wide-ranging and hard-hitting interview with Bishop Schneider now available for free download – On Rorate Caeli


Vatican II at the source of the crisis

Vatican II Springtime Update! First Ursuline House in North America abandoned by last sisters – On Rorate Caeli


End of an era: Vatican II Strikes Again – Quebec Ursulines leave 17th-century monastery | Global Sisters Report


In Twenty Years: Half of the Contemplative Monasteries in Europe Will Be Gone

Contradicting reality, Cardinal João Braz de Aviz, the Vatican responsible for consecrated life, claimed during a September 24/25 meeting of religious in Baar, Switzerland, that the Second Vatican Council “has again valorised the importance of religious life” and “returned” to the charism of the founders.

In reality the council was the main cause for a secularization and disbandment of Catholic religious life.

De Aviz himself admitted that in the next twenty years half of the contemplative monasteries in Europe will be closed down.


All That’s Needed for Tradition to Triumph is for Francis to Keep Talking Written by Father Celatus On The Remnant Newspaper


Restore or Rebuild the Church and the Mass? – Crisis Magazine


Endless Abuses of ‘Active Participation’ – Dialogue Mass 75 by Dr. Carol Byrne

Disastrous results of adulterating Pius X’s document on liturgy


The outstanding must read discourse on the theology and philosophy of Conservative vs. Traditional Catholicism by Fr. Chad Ripperger, F.S.S.P. –


There are two elements  principalities diametrically opposed at war in another realm and being played out in this realm and screaming for our active participation

Listen to -> Angels and Demons  –On gloria.tv


Watch The Video Promo #2 On The Collection On Vatican II  – The  second video in the 11-video series on Eli, Eli, Lamma Sabacthani from Tradition In Action – On YouTube


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