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The Revolution Is Being Challenged And Countered

The dogma of the Kingship of Christ requires each an every Catholic to be an orthopraxic activist and to counter the notion that there is nothing besides prayer that the average person can do. That there is nothing that you can do is mantra of a form of bankrupt Christianity known as denominational protestantism and must be countered in our every breath and our every action.

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Divorce, Free Love & Damaged Children by Plinio Correa de Oliveira

Inset – Couples lining up for the ‘republican divorce’ established by the French Revolution which laid the ground work for birth control which (un) naturally became abortion on demand , all so interrelated it’s scary


Traditional marriage upholders in the filial correction face enormous persecution

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Kavanaugh Prevails

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– Divorce is a business that creates   Abortifacients and Contraception which is a business, which is business that creates abortion which is a business , pharmaceuticals are a multi-billion dollar a year industry , Disease and the recovery from a contaminated food & water supply is a multi-billion dollar business, the creation of the 3rd sex and its politiking’ is a multi-million dollar business.


Counter To The French Revolution Part 2 Begins

Within several car lengths of the Wall Street stock Exchange is the following testimony memorializing the fact that

Egalitarian Revolutions Always Beget Other Revolutions