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De Mattei: The Disfigured Roman Primacy by the Successor of Peter -On Rorate

The impressive rapidity with which events are unfolding one after the other in the Church makes one think that this is due not only to the dynamics of historical acceleration, but a deliberate choice by the agents of chaos to increase disorientation and paralyze the forces that are seeking to resist the rush of the tide.


The Pope has just received a message from God in reference to his deal with the Communist government of China in appointing their own Bishops
He said in his message from God that ‘This is what Popes did with Portugal and Spain for 350 years (comparing their Christian Kings ,many of whom became Saints, to the oligarchs of the genocide of a billion children ,and still counting, by the Government officials in China )  He said that right after Vigano’s letter he immediately received a letter from multiple Chinese Bishops in support of a deal with the government and he knew the two things were related in a sign from God
He was asked if he knew that many many people of the underground Church in China will now suffer  In his answer he compared himself for the third time in one week to Jesus Christ
The Pope answered by saying  “”although many will suffer they also know the words of Jesus Christ and the Vicar of Christ are THE SAME “”
With those chilling words it now becomes confirmed that the chastisement has come and is upon us.  The Pope, prophesied by our Lady, ‘dressed in white ‘ has come upon us.

Pope says he received a ‘sign from God’ through Chinese bishops after Viganò testimony | News | LifeSite


An APOCALYPTIC POPE: Another Fruit of Vatican II – YouTube

Listen to the solid Sunday Sermon from South Saint Paul, Father warns us to beware of apocalypses–those present as well as the final one to come. Father puts Pope Francis into context as “effect” rather than cause, and warns us to reject all which led up to the Francis disaster, all that which violates holy Tradition, everything that was inflicted upon the Church since the 1960s—including, yes, the many errors and novelties of the Second Vatican Council.


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The China Sellout: Giving Communists Power over the Apostolic Succession
by Chris Ferrara On Fatima Center


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Church from within’  | LifeSite


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Bergoglian Archbishop Islamophile and Aberrophile- By Guiseppe Nardi On EP

As soon as Pope Francis was elected, his first attempts to take Negri out prematurely began. They did not shy away from dirty methods  The attempts were unsuccessful, but counteracted the work of the Archbishop of Ferrara.


Pope Francis refuses to take reporters’ questions on abuse crisis | News | LifeSite


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Pope Francis: On in-flight interview denies the crisis is a homosexual crisis

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Prominent Bergoglio Archbishop in Trouble– On gloria.tv

Despite multiple transfers of a homosexual abuser Priest in Milan and lay led complaints against the Priest and the Bishop ,being a liberal, Delpini has the protection of the oligarch media and the Church establishment. Pope Francis even personally named him as member of the upcoming Synod on the Youth.


Both on China and the abuse crisis, Pope Francis faces a trust deficit – By John Allen On Crux ?!


In Breaking News On The Errors Of Russia

The Orthodox Church is on the brink of new Great Schism | On CatholicHerald.co.uk

With Russia At The Heart Of It Tensions over Ukraine threaten to tear apart the world’s 300 million Orthodox Christians


Vatican II Endorsed the French Revolution & Refused to Condemn Communism by Rogerio Cesar Pereira Gomes

We refer to the “Pact of Metz” (France) made on August 18, 1962, with Card. Eugène Tisserand representing the Holy See and Metropolitan Nikodin, a known KGB agent, representing the Russian Schismatic Church, Both agreed upon the conditions for the Russian Schismatics to be present in the Council as observers: They would accept John XXIII’s invitation only if Communism were neither condemned nor mentioned. (6)

In final analysis, Vatican II tacitly accepted the pacific coexistence of the Catholic Church with the communist regimes and parties. We will return in another article to take a closer look at this matter.


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