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One of the most important chapters on the Blessed Mother that you will ever read in understanding her position in the last 2000 years of salvation history

The Queen Mother In The Old  Testament _Chapter_By Prof Edward Sri pdf on the link ->

The Queen Mother In The Old Testament _chapter_Prof Edward Sri

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Time for the Laity to Become Mary’s Heel – By Johnathan Coe On Crisis Magazine

While Mr. Coe’s assessment of the essential role of the laity and Our Lady in the needed reform of the Church has some excellent points particularly on the financial role in reform his reference to Fr. Richard  Neuhaus is a bit offensive considering that his neo-con conciliar Catholic heterodox teachings formed the basis of the current revolution

However some of the “on-the mark” recommendations herein, he makes the point in what is becoming a larger consensus ‘the sensus fidelium’, as follows:

 Can the laity effect change now?

Yes, they can. Here’s how they do it. It’s very simple. Stop giving money to any bishop’s campaign or national collection until Rome starts an investigation into the McCarrick situation.

  1.  When you tithe to your parish designate on your check or envelope that the money is reserved and to go to your building or maintenance fund.

What the bishops did to protect the diocesan and parish assets is they made each of the parishes their own corporations (not sure if all dioceses did this). In doing so it makes it much easier to donate directly to the individual corporation. If you simply donate in the collection plate and do not designate then the diocese will tax that money, but if you designate your gift and restrict it only to be used by the parish the diocese cannot legally touch it. But (to my knowledge) you must designate it to a particular function of the parish like a maintenance fund or even a particular ministry. Ask your pastor how to do this.

  1.  Stop giving to the bishop’s annual appeal. Send the request envelope back and state why you are not giving.
  2.  Stop giving to the second collections unless they go to your parish specifically (those are designated gifts). All of those second collections are national or diocesan. You may want to give to some that you really believe in, but if they go to diocesan offices (many do) then don’t give.

Consider how many ways bishops get your money:

They tax the parish between 6 percent and 13 percent from the collection plate. There is the annual bishop’s appeal. There are numerous Sunday second collections that go to diocesan offices.

Bishops will also start large scale capital campaigns. If you look at where the money goes a large portion will often go to sustaining chancery services.

If you starve the bishops of cash they will change or you will render their influence far less effectual on the individual parishes. I think what we need to see is parishes with “good” priests and congregations having more power. Essentially the way to do that is to render the bishop as irrelevant as possible upon your parish.


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