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A perfect red heifer was born fulfilling a 2000 year old prophesy

Other scriptural exegetes and theologians side with the Jews coming to accept Jesus Christ as the Messiah but simultaneously the rise of the anti-Christ unstoppable as seen in the devil’s first creation, the transvestite

Once Masonry not only accepts the transvestite but gets behind the enforcement of its rise to power you will see things begin to rapidly change

Then secondly

“And then there shall be wars and rumors of wars ”
Watch Alex Jones Breaking Syria World War III News Alert – REAL.video


Islam and the coming world war

What the Coming Uncivil War Is Really About – By John Horvat II – On Return To Order


When Society Falls Apart, Socialist Tyranny Can Happen Anywhere – By John Horvat II On Return To Order


Our Lady of Covadonga, Patron of September 7

In 711 the Muslim Arabs invaded the Iberian Peninsula. The Visigothic King Rodrigo died facing them in the Andalusian field of Guadalete in southern Spain. Taking a position of resistance against the rapid conquest and domination of the infidel, Don Pelayo led a group of valorous knights who had withdrawn to the northern mountains of the Asturias to recoup and fight.


The Catholics led by Pelayo face the superior Muslim forces


Our Lady Of Fatima (whose fulfillment we are living through the begining of the end of days in the era of chastisement ) Pray for us