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New Mexico Attorney General just announced a task force investigation into the New Mexico Catholic Church’s corruption

Last Saturday in the Pope’s public talk he addressed the crisis saying we must address the real emergency which is plastic littered all over God’s oceans and a task force must be established immediately to address

Francis Finally Acknowledges the Crisis: ‘Litter’ in the Oceans – The



Antonio Spadaro the Pope’s spokesperson released a preview of the Pope’s new book he edited saying this Pope is concerned with the poor , the marginalized ,and the environment and not afraid to answer questions and quickly respond to any sectors of society ( The synopsis IF You can believe it was not intended as a parody of the existing situation ) He also said this is not a Pope who is overly focused on clarifying Catholic theology writing books in a room (An obvious attack on Benedict XVI and several Popes that became Saints who wrote key theological works) He then re-tweeted an attack against US independent Catholic media  attempts to follow the worldwide call of lay led Catholic reform – Spadaro called for an interdict should be placed on EWTN and Raymond Arroyo ” silenced” or removed
To which a half dozen Catholic  journals said was outrageous
Also today

The cover story in the  leading newspaper in Germany addresses the crisis by saying that the Pope’s no answer as an answer to so many groups calling for the Pope to answer the allegations is an unconcienceable slap in the face to all Catholics and this admin is beginning to sound like the calls for silence of the 3rd Reich

Following both  NY and NJ Attorney Generals launching investigations into ten different Dioceses and Bishops offices Nebraska Attorney announced same and urged other states (since they are transferring sodomite abusers between various novus ordo diocesan parishes between States – If enough States AGs have related interstate investigations the federal dept of justice will have to be involved

The head of the US Bishops Pro-Life Committee Archbishop Joseph Naumann of Kansas City has stated today that they find Acb Vigano’s testimony and claims to be highly credible and are officially adding their voice to the call for an investigation into Pope Francis

Following this statement Denver Archbishop released a statement support Vigano and calling for an investigation into Pope Francis

The highly influential Catholic business association Legatus with 3000 elite members representing a significant portion of all major contributions to the Vatican has just put its annual Vatican tithe “in escrow,” until further notice , citing the current crisis in the Church , or until such time as Pope Francis agrees to an open investigation

A very prominent Catholic woman the former undersecretary of the department of energy , a Catholic lawyers guild member, and the current Chairperson of the board of directors of Christendom ,one of the last remaining Catholic colleges in the United States is Donna Bethel seconding Legatus move and saying in this era the laity are being called to action to initiate the reform of the Church – Divert all funding from them until the dissident radicality is removed (Essentially she’s calling for ecclesial euthanasia by starvation – my own term, until they are all purged

Then an open letter to the Pope signed by over 30,000 Catholics again all Faithful Catholic women urging the Pope to answer the charges

A must read is this excerpt from the well-respected historian philosopher of the Malta Order Henry Sires

Here’s what the book ‘The Dictator Pope’ says about Pope Francis’ handling of sex abuse cases

He writes “When Pope Francis’s friends start making remarks like that, a wheel has come off the Francis bandwagon.” (Radical liberal publications previously defending Pope Francis to the death like National Catholic Reporter are starting to write hit pieces on the Pope that cover-up allegations from multiple countries such as Argentina Chile and Italy from Priests Deacons and Laity are highly credible )


Pope Francis has asked his Curia and Vatican Canonists to come up with legal ways to sanction Acb Vigano

Swiss Bishop Marian Eleganti blasted other Bishops for denying the crisis is a homosexual problem in the Church is a form of cover-up

With a second Canon Lawyer (Peters) calling for the Pope to resign and the count of Bishops calling for an investigation into Pope Francis having now exceeded 50 Bishops – ‘Code of Silence’ Documentary Is re-released and being analyzed by Canonists

Excerpt from Sex Abuse in the Church: the Code of Silence – YouTube


Cdl Wuerl the arrogant has stated he is not going to resign despite the verdict of the majority of his own Priests that told him that he should in a meeting with them ordered by Pope Francis . He said instead he will initiate six weeks of healing – Our only recourse now seems to be the Dept of Justice the Wash DC attorney general , both of whom I intend on writing on the critical danger to Catholics his remaining in active ministry poses

Bishop Daly of Spokane responded saying this crisis is not clericalism it is clearly diabolical , these people have no intention of leaving office

The overwhelming relationship to liturgical and doctrinal abuse by each prelate accused is clear and hardwired evidence that is strangely showing little to no coverage

Cardinal Burke questioned on the Crisis has stated ‘People are calling on the Pope to answer the AcB Vigano charges he has yet to answer the heterodoxy charges of the dubia. The Dubia must be answered because within it lies the source of many prelates justification of dissidence

Figments. If Instead of Bergoglio They Had Elected Cardinal Scola Pope – Magister On Settimo Cielo – – L’Espresso

The explosive indictment against Pope Francis by the former nuncio in the United States Carlo Maria Viganò has obscured the other controversial points of this pontificate. In particular, that of communion for the divorced and remarried.


Watch – Cardinal O’Brien and the Sex Abuse Cover-Up – On -Mic’d Up – On CMTV


Blurb on Pope Francis’ new book criticizes Benedict | News | LifeSite

Known as the pope’s “mouthpiece,” Spadaro, editor-in-chief of the influential Vatican-based Jesuit magazine La Civiltà Cattolica, recently retweeted a call for EWTN to be placed under interdict — a step short of excommunication — “until they get rid of Raymond Arroyo.”


A US bishop in Charleston SC calls on Pope Francis to address Viganò allegations ‘directly’ | News | LifeSite


Cincinnati archbishop: Vatican must ‘open the McCarrick file’ | News | LifeSite



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