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Francis the Backslider. He Didn’t Just Cover Up For McCarrick – The Vatican Bank Connection – Magister On Settimo Cielo – L’Espresso


Is It Really All About Homosexuality Or Is Really A Multi-front War With The Vatican Bank In The Center As To Who Will Control The New Order

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Church Crisis: Communist & Homosexual Infiltration & Time for Purification ~ Fr Robert Altier – YouTube

This Priest in this homily which I heard the day after he gave it is a Diocesan Priest , in St Paul Minn. he’s amazing Like other faithful Catholic apostolates with outdoor processions having near 1000 people proving you can be critical of the current Vatican admin , like the lives of the Saints in fighting for orthodox reform and still be on fire for Christ at one with the Catholic Church

 I also knew of the Bella Dodd and read on that years ago,  the other books he mentions in this sermon reminds me to locate and acquire  At the heart is the spread of the errors of Russia, She said consecrate Russia and only Russia to the immaculate heart in union with all the Bishops otherwise her errors would spread within the Church


Francis Takes Fifth – Ferrara On The Fatima Center


The Errors Of Russia Have Spread Into The Church As Prophesized Due To The Lack Of Consecration With Russia and Only Russia With All The Bishops Of The World

Fatima Consecration Failure – I

A Long History of Compromise & Conciliation -By Homer Sweeney On TIA


Francis Chastises Those Who Speaks of God’s Chastisement – On TIA


Russian clergy pay highest blood toll in world history Stalin: 800,000 executions in just under 16 months – Published Today – By Giuseppe Nardi On EP


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Francis canonizes the shepherds on the denuded altar of the Fatima Interfaith Sanctuary – Exact Replica Of A Masonic High Altar . with arc /tabernacle of the Covenant eradicated and replaced by the cult of man at the center and the crucified Christ removed