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National Catholic Register And EWTN stands by claim that Pope Benedict sanctioned McCarrick And Pope Francis Lifted Them | News | LifeSite


Fox News has also gone on the record calling on the Pope to immediately answer the ‘detailed’ charges or resign

Today’s General Audience with the Pope, the crowd began chanting Vigano Vigano ….” It’s on video

Former United States Nuncio on the McCarrick Scandal: “Francis Knew. He Should Resign” – Magister On Settimo Cielo – L’Espresso

Viganò’s “Testimony” is highly substantiated and charges other important cardinals, from Pietro Parolin to Sean Patrick O’Mallet to Óscar Andrés Rodríguez Maradiaga. It is absolutely a must-read, in its entirety:


The Peronist Pope’s Prerogative: ‘I Will Not Say a Single Word’ – On OnePeterFive


De Mattei: “I will not say a single word about this” Omerta – On Rorate


Sequestered Viganò Speaks: ‘I Am Not the Crow. I Want Only the Truth.’ – On OnePeterFive


NEW : Vatican Source: Pope dismissed Cdl Müller for following Church rules on abuse cases | LifeSite


The Amazing Story of How Archbishop Viganò’s Report Came to Be – On OnePeterFive


Cdl Wuerl’s abuse cover-up sheds light on him giving Communion to pro-abortion politicians – Dr. Peter Kwasniewski On LifeSite


Viganò letter: spokesman confirms Cardinal Wuerl cancelled meeting between McCarrick and potential seminarians | On CatholicHerald.co.uk


Time’s Up, Your Eminence – (The Letter Writing Campaign Must Not Subsist ) On CMTV


Arch. Vigano Asks Pope Francis to Resign by Atila Sinke Guimaraes – On TIA


“It were better for him that a millstone were hanged around his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should scandalize one of these little ones.” (Lk 17:2)

Bergoglio Entangled in Another Cover-up by Atila Sinke Guimaraes Published June 2018 On TIA

A case from 2013 reemerges showing the cover-up in Buenos Aires – On TIA


Chile Shows Discontent with the Pope Francis by Margaret Galitzinu – On TIA


On Restore-DC-Catholicism: The Pope’s Odd Response To Vigano’s Testimony


Cdl. Bergoglio Protected Homosexual Bishop in Argentina

Disgraced bishop administered sacraments and was honored by Bergoglio – On CMTV


Canon Law on Prosecuting Bishops – On CMTV

In layman’s terms, paragraph no. 1 sanctions the deliberate abuse of the power or office (executive, legislative or judicial) for all those cases not otherwise proscribed by the Code. For example, a diocesan bishop, rather than using unrestricted diocesan monies to alleviate urgent diocesan needs (e.g. parish church repairs) decides to build a multi-million-dollar mansion with all the trimmings for his own greater comfort, but this at the expense of having to close those same churches or schools, etc.


Who can say that what this liberal professor herein is saying is not true” There is an agenda against the false Church but with Truth as its weapon against the enemies of the Church

Massimo Faggioli, a professor at Villanova University and a frequent commentator on Catholic issues, told Vox last week, conservatives are using the scandal as an “opportunity to reform the Church from abuses as a counter-revolution … against the Church of Vatican II itself.” (Vatican II, which took place from 1962 to 1965, was a major church council that critics say moved the church in an undesirably “progressive” direction.)


Read Aldo Maria Valli’s interview with Acb Vigano and see for yourself if this is a man with an agenda or a man who like all faithful Catholics loves the Church and would die fighting for the authentic  Church within the Church

The Amazing Story of How Archbishop Viganò’s Report Came to Be – OnePeterFive


Another one about to break via an apostolate in Ohio “Mary’s Advocates” substantiates Cdl Vigano’s claims in implicating Cardinal Coccopalmero And Archbishop Paglia as conspiratorial homosexualists and is about to publish in a 9 page dossier that was submitted multiple times and was suppressed multiple times

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Now The DOJ Seriously Considers RICO Prosecution of Catholic Church – By David Nussman On CMTV

Pennsylvania AG says feds considering national investigation in wake of explosive state grand jury report


National Review Board calls for lay investigation of all misconduct claims – On Catholic News Agency CNA


Cardinal Wuerl and the case of the predatory perverted Pittsburgh priest George Zirwas – On The Washington Examiner


Cardinal Bernardin: Pandora’s Box Reopens

The US Bishops King Maker Cardinal Bernardin legacy’s and his documented rape of Agnes – On Renew America.com

Matt Abbott re-published on RenewAmerica.com (August 11) a twenty-year old article, originally published in the newsletter of the now-defunct group Roman Catholic Faithful. It tells the story of a now married woman called “Agnes” who in 1957 was allegedly raped by Father Joseph Bernardin (+1996) when she was 11 years old in a Satanic Ritual as connections between it and the current Druid Ritual Group ‘Bohemian Grove’ are now being looked into


Sunday Sermons From St Paul Minn From Real Catholic Priests : Pope Francis and the Leaven of Evil – On YouTube



On the humorous side

A lot of Catholics are publicly apologizing for their mistaken positions on Pope Francis and have come around to the Truth – So Hillary White’s site is calling for an apology from Michael Voris in the wake of CMTV’s about face and for Truth to join hands

Wish you were here: Mike Voris, just man up and apologise.


From the recent archives

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