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Rorate (UPDATED) More US Bishops speak up in support of Abp. Viganò: “I ask that Archbishop Viganò’s testimony be taken seriously by all”

+Thomas J. Olmsted Bishop of Phoenix And Bishop David A. Konderla Of Oklahoma


 Bishop Schneider: ‘no reasonable…cause to doubt truth’ of Vigano revelations about Pope | News | LifeSite

Bishop Athanasius Schneider of Astana Kazakhstan, one of the most outspoken bishops in the world concerning the crisis of faith in the Catholic Church under Pope Francis, has written a document responding to the testimony of Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano.  


A Reflection on the Testimony of Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò By Bishop Athanasius Schneider On The Remnant Newspaper


Texas Bishop: “I find the Viganò allegations to be credible.”


Former nunciature official: ‘Vigano said the truth’ – On CNS


“Vigano is the most honest prelate in Rome; he is telling the truth.” – Msgr. Lantheaume

Inside Info On Lantheaume’s Testimony From His Twitter Account On Hilary White’s News Blog – What’s Up With Francis-Church?




 Cardinal Cupich criticises ‘astonishing’ Viganò claims | CatholicHerald.co.uk


 Cardinal Tobin Goes On The Offensive Against The Former US Papal Nuncio Without Addressing Any Of The Facts

Statement in Response to “Testimony” of Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, Former Apostolic Nuncio to the United States | Archdiocese of Newark


 Pope Refuses to Answer Questions on Viganò Accusations as Another Former Vatican Diplomat Confirms Report – OnePeterFive


 Irish media purposely withheld reporting on Vigano testimony during Pope’s visit | News | LifeSite


“The McCarrick Affair: The Pope knew. Here is why he must resign.” – The Corruption Of Three Successive Secretaries Of State – On Rorate


 Francis Must Go -A Rorate Editorial


 Former Apostolic Nuncio to the United States Accuses Pope of McCarrick Cover-up, Calls on Francis to Resign – The Remnant Newspaper


 This could well mark the beginning of the end of the disastrous pontificate of Pope Francis

 Is Abp. Vigano the agent of a cleansing fire for the Church? | LifeSite


 Pope answers the scandal of silence with = silence  

Francis ‘will not say a single word’ on Vigano’s allegations of McCarrick cover-up


Catholics hold alternate conference to WMOF in Dublin -Launch movement against ‘errant shepherds’ in the Church

Catholics launch ‘counter-revolution’ against ‘errant shepherds’ inside Church | News | LifeSite


Explosive: Former Nuncio to the US – “Pope Francis knew it all. He must resign.” – On Rorate


Statement in Response to “Testimony” of Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, Former Apostolic Nuncio to the United States | Archdiocese of Newark


Watch – Exposing Clerical Rot | In A Week Full Of Surprises – On The Download August 24, 2018—


Ex-Vatican ambassador Monsignor Jean-François Lantheaume affirms the testimony of

Abp. Carlo Viganò – On CMTV


Episcopal Sodomy: Pope Francis Must Resign


This article in the Atlantic “Pope Francis’s credibility has taken a major hit “

To faithful Catholics that are unplugged from the matrix This Pope never had any substantial credibility

Out of the gate he consistently spoke with a forked lounge , was a staunch advocate of progressivist modernism an enemy of tradition in a consistency and ferocity that is unrivaled

Pope Francis Asked to Resign Over Sex-Abuse Scandal – The Atlantic


Can Documents of the Magisterium of the Church Contain Errors?

And Can Faithful Catholics Resist Them by Arnaldo Vidigal Xavier da Silveira Theologian Of The Society Of Tradition Family And Property



Remember the fall of a Pope or even if 3/4 of the hierarchy fall into heresy – does not constitute the fall of the Church , a remnant has been promised to the end of time.  #2 Sedevaticanism is never the answer – reform always comes from within the Church #3 For it is written ” The sins of the people are never a measure of what the Church holds to be true

August 29 – At the helm during the French Revolution Pope Pius VI – On Nobility And Analogous Traditional Elites



Pope Pius VI