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All research points to diseases of every kind coming from our FOOD supply

It’s a plague sparing no family, who has at least one or multiple relatives , cousins , and friends of every family with a major illness at a quantity and frequency comparable to no previous generation in recorded history

The pharmaceutical industry is partnered with the majority of the doctor’s corporate medical consortiums and are under all sorts of restrictions Some have even bought into a genetics , hereditary cause, coming from evolution – negatively evolving genes , most of which is nonsense A person’s family can have susceptibility to one type of disease or another but the triggering of the disease is caused by poisons in various common foods

What many are not aware of is that fighting globalism take over and poisoning (by mass production techniques) of the majority of foods we eat is a  fight that has it’s origins in traditional Catholicism and the traditional Catholic workers guilds

This came even before the corporations in developed western countries took over the majority of the farming, agriculture, food production, and distribution businesses .

It’s a complex subject whose history cannot be expounded upon here adequately for lack of sufficient space and time in a single simple post

It’s roots go back to some key Papal encyclicals that began to fight the modernism that began to enter into Catholic Social teaching in the late 1800s and the industrialization that came on its heals

The changes in the west began to become implemented at the global opportunities in post of the American depression and the Jewish and Mason influenced banking systems in Europe that became fertile ground  for antagonism and anti-Semitism against Jewish merchant networks and banking – and then ultimately collectivism , distributionism and the challenge to property rights.

From Pius XI Quadragesimo Anno Latin for 40 years (Indicating 40 years from =Rerum Novarum –)  Leo XIII’s encyclical on the condition of workers, their dignity, organization, and Catholic workers guilds – Pius XI’s QA encyclical went forward from there in teaching on the social and  ethical implications of the social and economic order.  Pius XI began to see and teach on the corruption of the new order prior to leading financial countries in the west pulling out of the gold standard ( a major changing factor in the world ) and the institution of globalism banking, the crushing of the small business, the family generational farmers, and eventually the infiltration of the food supply and food production take over by mass production and mass distribution . This became a system that two world wars gave secondary assistance to in creating the machinations of mass production and accelerated distribution

Some brief excerpts

97. What We have taught about the reconstruction and perfection of social order can surely in no wise be brought to realization without reform of morality, the very record of history clearly shows.

102 Agriculture, wherein the greater portion of mankind honorably and honestly procures its livelihood. This group, too, is being crushed with hardships and with difficulties, to which Our Predecessor devotes attention in several places in his Encyclical and which We Ourselves have touched upon more than once in Our present Letter.

116. Yet let no one think that all the socialist groups or factions that are not communist have, without exception, recovered their senses to this extent either in fact or in name. For the most part they do not reject the class struggle or the abolition of ownership, but only in some degree modify them

138. Therefore, out of this new diffusion throughout the world of the spirit of the Gospel, which is the spirit of Christian moderation and universal charity, We are confident there will come that longed-for and full restoration of human society in Christ, and that “Peace of Christ in the Kingdom of Christ,” to accomplish which, from the very beginning of Our Pontificate..



In comes Father Denis Fahey’s traditional Catholic social teachings from the 1930s through the 1950s , and whose talks on the BBC by the 1940s began to be banned by big business sponsors of local and international radio programs.

He started to teach on the Catholic responsibility to fight the corruption of the separation of the wheat germ , the poisoning and the bleaching of white bread , the spreading of disease based on these new mass manufacturing techniques

Father Denis Fahey’s expose book The Mystical Body of Christ and The Reorganization of Society  goes into many background subjects on how the original corruption of usury (interest business) violated the teachings of the Doctor Of The Catholic Church –St Thomas Aquinas and  led to a paganized  “ world for profit” that would eventually begin killing each other for ‘profit ‘– became in certain respects a ‘prophet’ He goes on to also talk about the chickens and the meat and what they began to feed them

The specific area of his book I point you to is his traditional Catholic teachings against the corruption of the food supply and his call to Catholic families to stick together and pass down the truths Sacred Tradition and the oral traditions that the mainstream suppress but will ultimately save our lives in this life and the next .

Page 472 to Page 478 in his page numberings (Seen at the top of each page) Page 508 to 515 in the pdf



In comes a Doctor that gave up big business and “corporate medicine” to change the lives of countless people through healthy food while this Doctor does not necessarily support and/ or advocate  a royalism or an integralism as described in traditional Catholic teachings He supports the same thread of the corruption of the food supply and the road to health and restoration as found in the previous threads

Lest anyone challenge his credential , he is a Yale honors graduate – Medical College of Georgia Graduate -Cardiothoracic Surgeon – And former head of Cardiothoracic Surgery at Loma Linda School of Medicine – which he left to save people by renovating their diet and seeking a restoration minded life.

Dr. Stephen Gundry – author of the Plant Paradox

Watch this 42 minute video that is in keeping with , and fits in with, much of what is laid down above in the history of traditional Catholic social teaching

If the animals -chickens and cattle -are being fed a certain type of corn and that modification is poisoning both them and us along with a whole host of other sugars, fruits, and dairies of various varieties – The body will incarnate a whole host of various sicknesses which will attack the weakest organ in every different person’s body differently – The medical professional will insist your illness is unrelated to your friend or your brother, sister, mother, father, cousin aunt or uncle’s  illness and all you need to do is take xyz prescription or be vaccinated by 1.23, and  then maybe by 4,5,6 vaccine and on and on.

Healing Through Changing What You Eat

Dr. Steven Gundry – The Plant Paradox – YouTube


Many other doctors not well off enough to expose the truth and or for fear of being run out of the country have not spoken out

The Carnegie and Rockefeller groups pharmaceutical grant industry – The outcome will be what the $ donors wish it to be  The relationship between the food supply manufacturers and the pharmaceutical industry is a high level corporate stock exchange that even agencies of the government and the FDA – the US Food and Drug Administration are involved in

Here is some other inside information on Doctors that have spoken out and how to avoid getting the various cancers affecting various members of our families

The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest – Episode 1


The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest – Episode 2



Apogee of the Egalitarian Revolution – By Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira – On Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites