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Church Militant Interviews George Neumayr

 The relationship between Cardinal Wuerl and Cardinal Mahony Regarding Masterminding Sex Abuse Cover-up As Bosses In The Lavender Mafia


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Cardinals Seek

To Silence Complainant Abused and Whistle Blower Priests

 Cardinal Tobin tells priests not to speak to press after ‘gay sub-culture’

claims | CatholicHerald.co.uk


 New Mexican cardinal: Abuse victims should be ‘ashamed’ to speak due to their own failings ! | News | LifeSite


How deep do the interconnections between McCarick and other Cardinals, Bishops, Dioceses, Foundations, Seminaries, and Other Priests Go ?

 A Faithful Catholic org is tracking the web of connections in detail as they unfold Complicit Clergy.com where petitions can be found to fight this thing , calling for the majority of the hierarchy to be removed


Former Papal Foundation Director Accused of Sexual Abuse in PA Grand Jury Report – On Complicit Clergy,com


U.S. Bishop From Birmingham Robert J. Baker  – Clerical abuse is ‘predominately homosexual behavior’ | News | LifeSite


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Let It All Come Tumbling Out


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Can a Priest be judged by civil authorities? by Atila Guimaraes On TIA


Key Book Recommendation In Order To Know Our Enemy

Vatican II, Homosexuality and Pedophilia by Atila Sinke Guimaraes


A syllabus summary below of two key chapters in this important book that was published by a faithful Catholic theologian in 2004!

II – A new tolerant conciliar morals

  1. Conciliar principles of adaptation and tolerance
    2. Post-conciliar Vatican documents on homosexuality
    Presupposition of the analysis
    A. Declaration on questions about sexual ethics
    Confusion creates tolerance
    B. Letter to the Bishops on the pastoral care for homosexual persons
    C. Regarding legislative proposals on discrimination of homosexuals
    D. The persistent Vatican tolerant approach
    E. Summarizing
    3. Vatican position regarding pedophile priests
    A. The Dallas meeting and documents
    B. Vatican refuses approval of the documents
    C. The Washington documents
    a. Definition of sexual abuse
    b. The judgment and its reliability
    c. Changing the statute of limitations
    D. A final assessment

III – Homosexuality and the Catholic Church in the US

  1. Extent of the phenomenon and principal movements
    2. Support of the Hierarchy for homosexuality
    3. The Chicago symposium
    4. Homosexual “religious orders”
    5. Homosexual priests and Bishops
    6. The “McNeill affair”
    7. The “Weakland affair”
    8. Percentage of homosexual priests
    9. Homosexuality: the new face of the priesthood
    10. The homosexual mafia in the seminaries and the support it receives from the Bishops
    11. Should homosexuals be ordained?

IV – Ecclesiastical homosexuality in other countries

Accusations against Paul VI

V – The scandal of priestly pedophilia in the US


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