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News of family members health under attack – Traditional Catholic apostolates, the many faithful Catholic Priests under attack,  and news of the infiltration of the Church’s high level revolutionaries that installed themselves , from the Council out will only drastically increase now

The news will come over the next several weeks like waves on a beach in a storm
There are two important movements and petitions Stop The Synod (Francis and Farrell) and the second for every US Bishop that ever personally knew McCarick or whomever ever transferred an established predator Priest to a different Parish to resign [ which is the Majority of US Bishops ]

The Vatican website aware that Canon lawyers were using it to establish formal and material heresy have taken down the majority of the Pope’s homilies leaving only 1/8 that do not contain heterodoxy – Over 600 sermons and transcripts – all the challenges to Catholicism taken down and reduced to less than 80 total sermons (hysterical)
The update on Cdl Wuerl is that the Cdl title will never make it till Friday before his removal Mainstream Catholic media are defending the Cardinals and Bishops There is charge of corruption against fake Catholic newspersons Terese Tomeo and Al Kresta
Billboards are appearing all over Texas sponsored by faithful Catholic apostolates saying “Drain The Catholic Swamp”  /Billboards appearing in the west coast say “Bishop McElroy Is Part Of The Coverup Network “
Catholic HS Students in PA did not wait for Bishops permission to remove Wuerl ‘s, name They’ve already fixed that problem with red spray paint on Sunday
Their only sin was working on Sunday

The Root Of It All Begins Here


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Multiple reports say that Cdl. Donald Wuerl had a lunchtime meeting with senior clergy from the archdiocese of Washington, D.C. and that there he discussed plans for his future, which would include his no longer being the archbishop of Washington, D.C.

However, anger at the scandal surrounding Wuerl is now reaching fever pitch, with a Pittsburgh high school named after the cardinal vandalized to blot out Wuerl’s name and a petition to strip the high school of his name launched just a few days ago already reaching nearly 7,000 signatures.


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Apostate deacon and his bisexual daughter will witness for LGBTQ at World GAY Meeting ANTI Families in Dublin. On gloria.tv


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