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Cardinal O’Malley pulls out of World Meeting of Families amid sex abuse scandal | News | LifeSite

Pending investigations into his own involvement in cover-up networks


Laymen launch website mapping McCarrick’s network in U.S. Catholic Church | News | LifeSite


Amazing: While denying that the McCarrick scandal represented a “massive crisis,” Wuerl was secretly preparing a website to defend himself against the soon to be released Pittsburg grand jury report implicating him

The Wuerl Record (the page is taken down by the Archdiocese of Washington DC and as of last night you are redirected the Diocesan news releases page as – they begin to distance themselves from Wuerl


PA Grand Jury: Cdl. Wuerl Paid Hush Money to Child Porn Priest –On CMTV

Fr. George Zirwas got bonus payout in exchange for silence on other priests’ criminal sexual conduct


PA Grand Jury Report: Cdl. Wuerl Protected Predator Priests

Wuerl’s name appears over 169 times in the report


PA Grand Jury Report: Cdl. Wuerl Protected Predator Priests – On CMTV


Pennsylvania grand jury report exposes decades of clerical sex abuse and Church cover-up | News | LifeSite

Wuerl Must Resign !



‘In hindsight, it was a mistake’: Washington Archdiocese pulls ‘The Wuerl Record’


Lying Pittsburgh’s Bishop Zubik: ‘There Was No Cover-Up’ Exposed – On CMTV


Watch Special Report—Episcopal Sodomy: Donald Wuerl Must Go! – On St. Michaels Media – CMTV


Pennsylvania Grand-Jury Report: Catholic Church’s Rotherham | National Review

If the Church cannot govern itself from within, it will be governed from without.


Pennsylvania report reveals harrowing record of abuse in six dioceses | CatholicHerald.co.uk

The long-awaited report contained a searing condemnation of Church officials


PREDATOR BISHOPS: It’s Time for You to Go – On The Remnant Newspaper


Watch – Father James Martin On TV Interviewer Asks  “Do you think there is more to this in the Church with adult seminarians?”– On gloria.tv

No I don’t. I think that Cardinal McCarrick’s case is really extraordinary…” McCarrick, Maciel, Cardinal O’Brien, Honduras, Lincoln, Maynooth. I could go on.


Chilean Police Continue to Raid Bishops’ Offices 
Bp. Santiago Silva is the eighth Church official to be investigated. Chilean Prosecutor Raids Office of the Military’s Catholic Bishop | World News | US News


Chilean officials’ military raid bishops’ conference and 8 more Bishops offices amid abuse investigation and cover-up – On CNA


A Call to get the CIA and the Attorney General involved and invade all the chanceries

Raid All the Chanceries | The Vortex


As Summer Wanes, The Ecclesiastical Crisis Heats Up – OnePeterFive


No Matter How Bad You Think the Corruption Is, It’s Worse – On One Peter Five


Recent Archives on the scandals rocking the Church

Additional Scandals Break – Homosexual Network In The Church #1 Issue And The Absence Of Rage | TCE|


The New Cardinal McCarick Scandal Is Going To Go Deep State Church | TCE |


Wolves Circle As Stories On The McCarick Cover-Up Network Continue To Roll In | TCE |



Open letter to the USCCB did no good

Since last November, the Lepanto Institute has been investigating and reporting on the actions and goals of an organization of priests called the Association of United States Catholic Priests (AUSCP).  What we have discovered is that this organization of priests, which claims to be “the largest association of priests in the United States,” is:promoting women’s ordination to the diaconate (with eyes on the priestly ordination of women),

  • homosexuality,
  • priestless parishes,
  • married priests,
  • and a host of other heterodox positions.


Watch The Bishops’ Homosexual Cover-up | On Mic’d Up


Writing The Letter | The Vortex

What can the laity do about the evil that has swamped the holy priesthood? A number of things actually.

First, prayer — absolutely, no doubt about it. Prayer first

Secondly Church Militant has composed a letter which we are suggesting you physically print out, personalize to your bishop and physically mail to him. You also need to send a copy to the Papal Nuncio —


The Peasant March | The Vortex

A call to a massive turn-out march to protest the USCCB Annual meeting in Baltimore on the week of Nov 12th


A very active movement — #CatholicMeToo — has formed among the laity and is quickly gaining momentum. For example, close to 1,100 faithful Catholics and counting have committed to descend on the bishops’ annual meeting in Baltimore — see the link for details — to demand change among the hierarchy.

Not a few bishops will feel the weight of it – On CMTV



The new rite/new order of the Catholic Church must be reformed an orthodox reform – Laity must form collection holding companies for all Church donations until this happens

With a plague of homosexual Priests throughout the Church It’s not just the cover-up networks The placing of all these progressivists, liberal modernists into positions they’  created the perfect storm. The liturgy is corrupt , the sacraments are infiltrated, Catholic theology, philosophy and education are compromised beyond reckoning – The Church is in a shambles – the Catholic majority is in denial and the only remaining organized strength in the Church is the remnant of the traditional rites east and west  throughout the world – Prayer & authentic Catholic sacrificial worship together with active works and actions – Orthopraxic Orthodoxy