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Four More Excuse Cardinal McCarick – Washington Post via PressReader.com – Connecting People Through News

https://www.pressreader.com/usa/the-washington-post/20180723/281535111779392 \

After McCarrick: An Ex-Seminarian Comes Forward – On One Peter Five


#SackTheSynod – The McCarrick Bergoglio Connection – By Elizabeth Yore On The Remnant Newspaper


Why Priests Don’t Blow the Whistle -Fr. Edwin Palka on the culture of secrecy and blackmail among gay bishops – On CMTV


McCarrick and His Proteges. The Miraculous Career of Cardinal Farrell – Magister On Settimo Cielo – L’Espresso


Cardinal McCarrick and the Last Novus Gasp – On The Remnant Newspaper –

Bill McGurn of The Wall Street Journal compares the McCarrick situation to a watershed moment akin to the Reformation:

A reform serious and meaningful must emerge from it, or must assuredly the Church will split. In this process, let us thank God and His Providence for the First Amendment, which will protect the laity in doing what we need to do to rid ourselves from such evil men and their evil ways.


Catholic Hollywood star Patricia Heaton slams US bishops’ handling of McCarrick sex-abuse scandal | News | LifeSite

https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/catholic-hollywood-star-patricia-heaton-slams-us-bishops-handling-of-mccarr \

The Fetid Sea in Which They Swim – Crisis Magazine


The Jim Foley Option to End Clergy Sexual Abuse – Crisis Magazine


Op-Ed, by Fr. Cipolla: “Uncle Ted: The Homosexual Subculture of Bishops & Priests is as large as ever”- Rorate


War on the Priesthood: A Gay Subculture – On CMTV

There is a war going on inside the Church for the soul of the priesthood.


Richard Sipe And Tradition In Action Begged Benedict XVI To Take Action Against McCarrick

Open Letter of Richard Sipe to Benedict XVI –TIA


Card. McCarrick’s acceptance of homosexual civil unions – his denial only confirms his statement – comments by Kathleen Willett Redle @ TraditionInAction.org


Homosexuality is not the only issue behind the McCarrick sex scandal || LifeSite

McCarick If someone says to you, ‘All my life I’ve tried to be chaste, I have a homosexual orientation, but I’ve always tried to be chaste,’ I think you do that one case by case.


Albany priest describes culture of harassment under McCarrick | America Magazine The Jesuit Review


Let Us In! Let Us In! | The Vortex

CORRECTION: The USCCB meeting in Baltimore is Nov. 12–15, 2018.

It is now just a little more than 100 days before the U.S. bishops gather for their next big collective meeting — this one in Baltimore. You’ll remember the last one in Fort Lauderdale where the topic came up of slamming the faithful with canonical penalties for supporting the nation’s immigration laws.


McCarrick’s former secretary claims Cardinal Wuerl didn’t know about abuse settlements | News | LifeSite

These settlements, for $100,000 and $80,000, were paid by the Dioceses of Trenton, Metuchen, and Newark in 2004 and 2006 to two men who had been abused by McCarrick while they were in the seminary as well as after they had become priests. McCarrick, known for being left-wing and supporting the distribution of Holy Communion to pro-abortion politicians,


Episcopal Sodomy: Communist Homosexual Infiltrators – On CMTV

Dr. Alice von Hildebrand: Stalin ordered communists, in particular gays, to infiltrate seminaries


Students’ Letter Denounces Homosexual ‘Epidemic’ in Honduran Seminary



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