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Our Holy Father  Has Just Declared The Doctors, Saints, & hundreds of years of published Catechisms Of The Catholic Church To Be In Error On The Death Penalty-He’s order the Saint John Paul II Catechism (1994-1996) to scraped and revised for his own

Francis I  has made a personal proclamation that Saint John Paul II – Saint Pius X – a and the lead Doctor of the Church Saint Thomas Aquinas  and the Catechisms of the last 500 years of Catechisms to be IN ERROR on Capital Punishment
Roman Catholicism holds to be true Execution by the State and or Execution by the Church By the power invested in  the Church the apostolic succession has the power to bind , to loose , the power over life and death The Church can even lift an excommunication over someone that is dead.
There is an academic Catholic web site called Whispers of Restoration They are digitizing every Catechism for the past 500 years They have over a dozen available so far between 1550 and 1950  Capital Punishment is codified in each of these catechisms as the acceptable teaching of Catholicism  500 Years Of Digitized Traditional Catholic Catechisms – On Whispers Of Restoration https://www.whispersofrestoration.com/traditional-catechisms

The Full Deposit of the Faith of Roman Catholicism is based on “the eternal magisterium of what the Church holds to be true ” over hundreds & hundreds of years – taught by Papal Magisteriums – Catechisms – Scholastics – ( It’s in the Summa Theologica ) and The Teachings of The Saints
Now again we have formal and material heresy by a Pope
What must be studied is how it was dealt with when Pope Honorious began promoting heresy
and or in the era of the Borgias . OL of Fatima tried to warn us of a Pope wearing white and used the word revolution 3 times

To name just a few of the Popes that reaffirmed the death penalty as part of Catholic teaching . Innocent I in 417AD declared it a right given from God himself
The last Pope to declare the Catholic affirmation of the death penalty was  on Sept 14th 1952 in a declaration of Pope Pius XII
In both St Thomas Aquinas’  written and spoken teachings on the subject, the Doctor of the Church also quotes a treatise on the licit nature of capital execution by St Augustine

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