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Franciscans Of The Immaculata News – Radical Vatican About to Take Vengeance on Father Stefano Manelli – On gloria.tv

Sanctions against Father Stefano Manelli, 85, the founder of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate, are imminent, writes Marco Tosatti (July 21). Manelli’s order languishes under a Vatican commissioner since July 2013.

The reasons for this crack down, never explained by the Vatican, are evident: for the present Vatican nomenclature, the Friars are “too Catholic”.


Radical Vatican About to Take Vengeance on FFIs / Father Stefano Manelli Marco Tosatti On EP


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Summorum Pontificum and the Growth of Religious Life, by Fr Stefano M. Manelli, Franciscans Of The Immaculata  (Part 1) On Novus Motus Liturgicus


Summorum Pontificum and the Growth of Religious Life, by Fr Stefano M. Manelli, Franciscans Of The Immaculata  (Part 2) On Novus Motus Liturgicus


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*** Poland And Sacred Tradition Under Attack***


Fatima, the Sun, the Black Banner and a Friar’s Prophecy: “We can bring you down and we will. ”

Poland. At the end of the second decade of the 20th century. A young, conventual, Franciscan Friar is seated at his desk trying to organize his thoughts. On the desk there is only a small image of Our Lady.  For some months now there has been talk of a “beautiful Lady” appearing to three little illiterate shepherds in Portugal. All the newspapers had reported it. They had reported the strange apparitions and the Miracle of the Sun, a prodigy previously foretold by the little shepherds.  

The Friar is reflecting on what had happened to him. In Rome he had seen “the Masonic mafia, repeatedly deplored by pontiffs, strutting around in an increasingly brazen manner.” In his mind’s eye, [he could see] The Black Banner – carried and flaunted through the streets during the celebration in honor of Giordano Bruno – with the image of St. Michael lying under the feet of Lucifer. He had seen the deadly hate towards the Church of Christ and His Vicar on earth, which was not merely a prank by mislead young people, but a systematic action springing from a Masonic principal: destroy every religion, above all the Catholic one.


The Katyn massacre of “Polish nationalists and counter-revolutionaries” had been blamed on the Germans until Boris Yeltsin released a secret memo from Soviet archives dated 5 March 1940 in which Stalin authorised the execution of 25 700 Poles from Kozelsk, Ostashkov and Starobels camps, and from certain prisons of Western Ukraine and Belarus. In this documentary, Polish and Russian historians, investigators and film makers reconstruct the Katyn wood massacre from the available evidence.

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